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Fragrance Station

Country United States
State Washington
City Spokane Valley
Address 14700 E Indiana Ave
Phone 509-922-6482

Fragrance Station Reviews

  • Dec 24, 2015

I should have researched this company and read the story from 2013 before buying perfume there. We had ordered two different perfumes as a Christmas gift in early December from an on-line company, and were told on 22 Dec that the on-line company could not fulfill the order, so the on-line company cancelled the order.

I rushed to the Mall to buy the desired perfumes from Fragrance Station, and the next morning, the same perfumes were delivered by the on-line company! I had the Fragrance Station perfumes for less than 24 hours, but they refused to refund my money when I tried to return the perfumes. I understand they have an exchange-only/store credit policy, but I was told that this was at the manager's discretion.

When I talked to the manager and asked if he could please make an exception, he tried to claim the cash register would not allow him to issue a credit, which is ridiculous. The perfumes were not opened, there is no reason they could not take back the items. I do not wear perfume, and all the Christmas gifts are already purchased, so I have no ability to use a store credit there.

It makes good business sense to refund my purchases, but now, I will never buy anything there ever again. Buyers beware of stores like this, they do not care at all about customer satisfaction, contrary to their response to the 2013 claim. They are only around at holidays so you should not trust that any store credit "does not expire", as they tried to tell me, because with customer un-friendly policies like theirs, they are sure to go out of business.

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