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Fragile Planet Wildlife Center

Country United States
State Texas
City Madisonville
Address 1701 Robinson Road
Phone (315) 286 5574

Fragile Planet Wildlife Center Reviews

  • Oct 30, 2017

This is a "conservation" business that has a plethora of questionable activities that they are being investigated for. First, they took off out of state with another person's exotic animals they were boarding. One was killed in their care while another one was put on exhibit at the facility of an associate of theirs. Second, they are nothing more than animal flippers They play up to law enforcement (see their website) and aid in voicing accusations against other exotic animal owners. A lot of the time such accusations are false. In turn, crooked law wnforcement officers will take the animals from their rightful owners and offer them to "helpers" such as Tyler & Nick of Feagile Planet free of charge. Normally, these animals are high-end, expensive animals such as primates anx mustelids. Tyler and Nick then turn around and sell them within a year of intake making a 100% profit. Third, they have very poor husbandry practices, knowledge and inspection reports by the USDA. They have unsanitary living quarters for the animals and shove them into very small containment systems, such as a ringtail lemur in a bird cage.. they fail to be consistent and dedicated in nutritional plans.

One example was failing to give a geriatric fox a supplement she needed to mitigate the pain of her arthritis and making her live with an ear infection. Additionally, it's not uncommon for green water to be around for the animals to drink (proof that the water is not changed for days on end).. Fourth, inspection reports from the USDA demonstrate a consistent history of neglect, sometimes even resulting in the death of the animals. Such was the case with a pair of capybaras that froze overnight while eing housed in a barn with mo heat or warmth. The animals acquired frostbite and suffered for days without medical attention from a DVM. Instead, Tyler & Nick decided to play vet by putting them on an antibiotic that didn't work. The capybaras suffered through their toes literally falling off in which case, they finally were taken to a vet. However, at that point, the infection was so rampant and enough damage had been done to where they had to be humanely euthanized.. Likewise, additional needless deaths to rehab animals, in particular, occur on a much to often basis. Of course, only known deaths are being considered although there very well may be more that are unknown and kept from report to the state. Fifth, Tyler & Nick may be working with a person in Ohio whom may be taking porcupines from the wild and selling them.

Even though there were strong suspicions, Tyler & Nick continued to purchase porcupines from this person. Porcupines were bred and offspring sold to line the pockets of these two guys. One the porcupines failed to breed, due to aging, they were quickly sold. Sixth, tax evasion. A current investigation is underway to determine whether Tyler & Nick pay taxes on the income they get from their exotic animal dealings. They can mask the evasion by rolling it into the wages they earn (or earned) as professional zookeepers. Seventh, despite Tyler's charisma in particular, there are smart people who see through them. The famous Jeff Taylor is one of these people. At least one other zoo will not have anything to do with Tyler or Nick. Termination of Tyler's employmenr at this unmamed zoo occurred due to Tyler's irresponsible ways, namely his lifestyle involving substance abuse. A DWI remains on his criminal record from only a few years ago. Eighth, chronic misrepresentation of the facts. Basically, this duo just cannot seem to be able to speak the truth. If they want the authorities to seize animals from other exotic animal owners so they can bring them into their facility, grand tales of animal cruelty and neglect will abound from these guys, Tyler in particular.

Accusations span the gammet, from malnourishment to unreasonable criticism of another facility's breeding project. Ninth, gullible followers take over. It isn't difficult to understand how people attract others with certain similarities in their personalties and temperaments. Hence, the phrase "guilty by association", meaning he can tell his followers anything about anyone (as he often does), and his followers and friends are so gullible that they not only wil believe the trash being passed around the exotic animal industry and even the common public, by Tyler but they will do his fighting for them. A good person with strong moral fiber, will not be able to wrap his or her brains around the way Tyler & Nick show NO proof whatsoever in the irresponsible comments they say, yet with no questions asked, most people friended by, associated or associated with will believe and even go so far as to make vicious comment about and even harrass the people Tyler badmouthes. Many of "the gullibles", as they are called, are rescue people who frequently speak out against inhumane practices such as flipping animals (sound familiar). Others include exotic animal owners who speak out fot private ownership of exotic animals and additional regulations governing and allowing for the seizurr of animals from their rightful owners, yet will immediately soothe and condone the outrageous actions and words of Tyler without any proof. or even any questions.

This was seen when Tyler & Nick illegally took animals boarded with them (with contract in place with the rightful owner) to their new place of residence and business at Frenchak Farms in Madisonville, Texas. there were several individuals who went so far as to harass anx threaten thd person fighting for her animals back. Tenth, extreme narcicisn. Self-confidence is a great quality. However, when confidence goes as far as to be sociopathic, it's narcicism. Narcicism is a personality disorder that has become (unfortunately) all too common in our society over the last decade or two. In regards to Tyler, the epitome of his narcicism is getting upset with and revengeful of those fighting back agaibst the wrongs (sometimes such wrongs ars outright violations if the law) he so easily perpetuates against his victims. Does he expect others to ne grateful for his wrong-doings? C'mon now, his believers, or gullibles, need to smarten up! Last, Tyler attempted to elicit an outrageously priced boarding rate to us when he was first confronted by us about taking off with our animals. $100 per animal per day of board was Tyler's "magic number". That would have amounted to $27k for the three animals we boarded with him for the 2.5 months that passed before we wanted to pick up our animals.

Despite numerous attempts to contact Tyler about the animals, he failed to reply and ignored our messages and cals. In light of the above facts, which can be proven by author, it is easy to be suspicious of certain activities in which Tyler & Nick could be participating. In fact, efforts are ongoing to prove additional assaults to the freedoms and respect of other private individuals committed by these two individuals. 1. Tyler has a reputation with at least a couple of exotic animal owners who can attest to him flipping animals donated, boarded and loaned to him, regardless if there's a contract in place or not. If you know of any schemes or scams run by Tyler Thomas & Nick Stacey of Fragile Planet Wildlife Center, please contact us. 2. It is dangerous to leave Tyler licensed as a wildlife rehabilitator in NY or in any state. If there ever is someone who would keep wild animals for their own use, especially if he can make money off of the animals, instead of releasing them, it would be Tyler. No reports or evidembe has beeen found supporting this behavior pattern; however, with what he does with exotic animals, and how money-hungry he is, i wouldn't be surprised. 3. Transporting animals illegally actoss state botders. Non-declaration of animals that should be by law, for licensing mandates are also things that we are looking to prove, if it continues to occur. 4. Usurping animals not belonging to them by acting like law enforcement officers. They need to check the law! It's not in their favor on this topic. 5. Extorting, bribery, blackmailing. He did it to me, is he doing it to ithers? Probably! Bottom Line: NEVER LET THESE GUYS NEAR YOUR ANIMALS!

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