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FractalGo Reviews

  • Nov 12, 2016 and the person running this business is a complete and total conman operation.

I subscribed to his Fractal Alerts service that I discovered at TradeStation. It was a disaster and I lost over $50,000 taking the advice of this person.

Only after I lost my money, and did some research, I discovered that Rich Clifford is a long time swindler and conman selling "investment systems" to suckers like myself.

In 2002, he worked for a company lost $9 million dollars and the CFTC shut the company down.

In 2004, he started another company Lake Dow Capital, once again the CFTC shut the company down and fined nearly $1.9 million dollars.

In 2005, he goes to work for a company named American Derivatives, which of course is yet another scam that is closed down the CFTC for fraud.

In 2008, he starts a company named Magma Fund Advisors, taking money from small investors. What happened next? Fraud. The company is shut down by US authorities.

And now, as of current, he is operating his latest scam named FractalGo. Talking small investors out of their hard-earned money and selling them worthless trading systems.

This guy is an absolute con-artist.

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