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Foxfire Realty

Country United States
State Florida
City Ocala
Address 615 E Silver Springs Blvd
Phone 352-732-3272

Foxfire Realty Reviews

  • Jul 29, 2017

Beware of this con artist! There are many victims of Mike Palmer at Foxfire Realty. He listed our deceased mother’s home for sale 6 months ago and promised us that he would sell her home for $160000. It took him 6 weeks to go out and take pictures of the house and the photos were the worst we’ve ever seen. He said he was the number 1 selling agent in Summerfield and he would sell the house the quickest and for the most money. 4 months later we hadn’t even had one person look at the home. He told us that we had overpriced the home. He was the one who set the selling price, not us. So he told us he was going to reduce the house to $130000. He didn’t ask, he told us he was going to.

Then he sent us an offer for $90000 that he said we’d be stupid if we did not accept it. Realtors don’t act like this in New York but in Summerfield apparently they can! We then told him we wanted to cancel our contract and go and list with another company and he started bullying us saying he’d post on some group he has about the home and how it had mold issues so we’d never be able to sell the home.

We tried to end the relationship amicably and even offered to pay for the marketing he’d done so far on it.

We thought he’d spent maybe $20 if we were lucky on the marketing of our home but apparently he said he’d spent $2000 and that’s what we’d have to pay to cancel our contract with him. There is no way $2000 had been spent on marketing. Maybe we contributed towards the purchase of his first camera or something? We had clearly annoyed him by saying he wasn’t doing his job and he decided to spend weeks telling every agent our house was infested with mold and not to buy it. Finally once the contract had ended we were so glad to have a different agent from Remax who did an amazing job and sold the house for $155000 in 3 weeks. STAY CLEAR OF THIS MONSTER. He will promise you the world and deliver nothing but heartache. We just wanted to move on from our mother’s death but this guy made it so awful.

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