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Fox Valley Royals

Country United States
State Illinois
City Elgin
Phone 847-812-3460

Fox Valley Royals Reviews

  • Jul 27, 2016

Andy Bisceglia runs the Fox Valley Royals..He used to field good competitive teams that did well. He uses his past experience as a Major League scout to sell you on his product. He justifies the cost through creative writing and fast talking. Truth..Andy has not fielded a team that has made it out of Pool play in several years. He now runs a program that if you are willing to pay the 2500.00 and the mandatory $500.00 (15u - 18U) fundraising fee. your mater his talent will be placed on a team. Andy turns no one away which produces teams that are a joke when it comes to competitive baseball. He makes you believe you will be part of a team that will go out and win tournaments because he was a scout and knows how to pick talent..Andy's teams are terrible. There are good players..but not enough to win games..You could send your son to his "Try Out" have them miss every ground ball..drop every flyball..strike out each time up at bat..and Andy will offer that kid a spot. He will tell the parent how their kid has potential and winter lessons will get them hitting..

Andy promisses professional coaches. you might get 1 with some kind of baseball experience. He boasts a new training facility with new equipment..Truth..the facility was already there with the current equipment. Andy hung a few signs..The facility is not his..he rents the space and if he still conducts business as he has in the past he will be looking for a new winter facility..Andy used to hold tryouts at Judson University..not this year..still owes them $$$ from using the facility last year. Andy talks about being in contact with NIKE or UNDER ARMOR as probable sponsors..never happened..Who will he say is looking to sponsor them next year. You will get Easton pants and a Badger Jersey...the cheaper he goes the more money he gets for himself. Uper classmen looking to play College baseball..stay away from the Royals..Andy promised to go over writing college coaches emails,,never happened..Promised to make recuiting videos to attach to the player profile..never happened..Then promised to send out a sample video for you to copy..Never happened.. The Royals' Try Outs run late into August when all others are over. This is to take advantage of parents who love their son who may not be very good at baseball and can't make any other team. Any kid who shows up and if their parents are willing to pay the price can and will wear a Royals uniform next season.

Andy holds a letter campagin for a Childhood Cancer..every player required to send out 45 letters asking for donations..Half go to the Royals the other half are supposed to go to the cancer foundation named in November. As of todays date no funds were received from the Royals..It appears Andy hss held off writing that check as well. My Opinion prepare your child for high school baseball by spending $3000.00 on lessons if he can not make another team. They Royals will not improve your sons abilities..A summer spent traveling to watch a losing team will get you and your child to hate the greatest game ever made.

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