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Fox Valley Cycles

Country United States
State Illinois
City Aurora
Address 419 Hill Ave
Phone 1 630-851-2910

Fox Valley Cycles Reviews

  • Jul 15, 2018

I foolishly dealt with this dealer. Dropped off steeetglide heads to be checked. They were checked by Carl from their shop who called saying all kinds of stuff not relating to the heads I dropped off. I told him I would just pick them up because that did not sound like the heads I dripped off nor was he discribing any of the work I wanted done. Fox River Cylce called and said they were ready for pickup. When I arrived at the store, they handed me a box. Once I opened the box, I said these are not the heads I dropped off. Mike from Fox River Cycle stored screaming and demand I leave the store. Never discussed it with me again. He refused to discuss or give me any explination of what was going on.

He refused to return the streetglide heads that were dropped off demanding I keep the switched out ones as mine. The ones he was return were damaged and can not be used. Very unprofessional.

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