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Fox FX Lab

Country United States
State California
City Riverside
Address 5950 Wilderness Ave

Fox FX Lab Reviews

  • Dec 2, 2019

As I had firsthand experience as a customer with this business I wanted to point out my issues. Apparently I am not alone in dealing with this individual and I was warned before hand. He was cheap, but as the adage goes. "You get what you pay for". I did some research, and I wanted to let everyone know what's going here.

I feel like I'm the "canary in the coal mine", but if you can learn from my mistake? There are FIVE court cases against Eric Fox. I know this site is a review site, and it's an "he said / she situation" so don't trust anyone's words here including the inevitable rebuttle.

Do the research yourself, and protect yourself. You can check the Riverside court system yourself, and make an educated decision whether you want to do business with someone who's had 5 different people take him/the business to court over the years for various reasons.

I wanted to point out other people's experiences, and there's a reason the court cases are disclosed to the public. Head the Riverside court system's warning here. Do your homework before you hire him.


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