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Fox's Pizza Den

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Russellton
Address 908 Little Deer Creek Valley Rd
Phone 724-265-3697

Fox's Pizza Den Reviews

  • Jan 6, 2016

I have purchased gift cards from this company for several years and have tried to redeem them several times. Every time I have been offerd some sort of an excuse (the register won't take these cards - the store is under new management and we can't honor them - we no longer do this - etc.) and refuse to allow me to use them. The one Manager told me to contact the main office and gave me his personal name and 'phone number (Terry - 724.265.3697 --- which turns out to be the store number). I sit here holding $210.00 worth of gift cards that will not be honored. Needless to say I'm NOT a happy person as that was MY hard-earned money that went into these cards and the people to issued the cards will not honor them.

I'm certainly hoping you can help me with this matter -------- either my money back or merchandise in exchange for the cards.

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