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Fourseas Investment

Country Hong Kong
City Kowlon Tong
Address 29 Somerset Road
Phone 852-3014-6442

Fourseas Investment Reviews

  • Dec 10, 2015

FOURSEAS iNVESTMENTS are a set of very professional fraudsters who have nothing to offer anybody. There funding document is very professionally packaged but after that is when they will ask for due dilligence fees. In my case, i even assisted them to obtain visa for their accomplice that they sent for a so called due dilligence.

After due dilligence they will ask you for insurance underwriting fee. As we speak, they have collected $58,000 from my organisation. After this $58,000 and nine months of very professional gangsterick driblling, they eventually wrote to us that they have wired the agreed fund to me. When my bank did not receive any money after three weeks, they grudgingly but fraudulently sent a wire transfer code that my Bank could use to trace the money.

Of course, my bank and her correspondent bank did not get any money and actually confirmed to us in writing that the code was non-existing and fake. Fourseas now lied that the money was returned by Bank of America - money that was said to have been sent through Chase Bank, our Bank's correspondent Bank. But listen, Eric Lam now wrote asking for another $30,000 with which they will bribe Chinnese officials so they could release the money.

It is thirteen months today, and Fourseas have only been moving from one documented stupid lie to the other. We even found out that they have defrauded two other Nigerian companies known to us and have been driblling them like us for about the same lenght of time. We have documents to back up all our claims and wish to ensure that Eric Lam, KY Li (if they are not one and the same person, do not succeed in defrauding any other person/business.

They always hide under a stupid non-confidentiality. CONMEN Eric or Li, we are waiting for your court action. We will really love to meet you in any court, even a chinese court. We have evidence of your international wire transfer fraud please. We are still professionally searching for them because their address is fake and their telephone/fax lines are mere internet (google or skype) numbers. But we will get you soon and you will pay for all your fraudulent activity. We have evidence from three companies at our dispossal for your information, please.

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