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Country United States
State Texas
City Austin
Address 7000 N Mopac Expy 2nd Fl
Phone 1 800-931-2120

Fourlane Reviews

  • Aug 4, 2019

I was hired by Fourlane as a Sales Rep and began working for them on June 18th, 2019. The company also does business as "Adams QB, Inc."

The company appeared extremely professioinal in all of our interaction. Their benefits package was excellent. They had a great online reputation. And they appeared very stable. So I was comfortable turning down other job offers to accept theirs. My girlfriend and I even relocated.

As is standard with all companies, the first 90 days is considered a probationary period. The work agreement confirmed this by stating in our agreement there is "a reassessment after the first 90 days of employment to determine [whether] your base salary is in alignment with sales revenue you generate."

That's reasonable. If they are not seeing a return on their investment in 90 days, they reserve the right to terminate.

So you can imagine my family's shock and anger to find that I was terminated after just six weeks (08.05.19)

It wouldn't be quite as painful and shocking had it not been for the President / CEO (Marjorie Adams) praising my work just a week prior with the celebration of my first sale in just 1 month of talking to customers. What made it worse was that I secured my second (large) sale on 08.04.19 - the day before I was let go. 2 sales in 1 week demonstrates your sales rep is on an upward track.

What's even more disturbing is that the President / CEO (Marjorie Adams) gave me tasks / assignments that were due at the end of September. Not sure why you would purposely mislead someone like that.

No reason given. No explanation. No warning. Nothing. Just out of the blue, "you're fired." And the only justification being - "we're an at-will company and can terminate at any time."

The most disturbing part of this news is that they have done this to others. Another person was let go after 1 month. And another person was let go after 2 months. Clearly the 90 day probation period means nothing to them - despite what their signed agreement says.

The purpose of this complaint is not to simply "vent." But rather to warn anyone who is considering working for this company - especially in any sales capacity. Their written agreement means nothing. Their verbal agreement means nothing. They intentionally decieve new hires and purposely give the impression that they follow best labor practices. They don't. They will fire you for absolutely no reason as soon as you come on board. They treat their sales people like absolute trash and consider them completely disposable. They are after ideas on how to grow their business, and will decieve anyone they need to in order to achieve that goal.

I can't confirm/deny how professional they are to work with as a customer. My job was to sell their service not use it. But I can unequivocally confirm that Fourlane is NOT a company you want to work FOR. At least in any type of sales capacity. If you see a sales job announcement from Fourlane, stay as far away from it as possible.

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