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Four Seasons General Merchandise

Country United States
State California
City Los Angeles
Address 2801 E. Vernon.
Phone 1-877-446-4746

Four Seasons General Merchandise Reviews

  • Jun 29, 2016

If you are an online seller and want to buy from this company to resell on Amazon, forget about it!

This wholesaler has a retail Amazon Store under the Name: Wynnmart

The Wynnmart seller is the one account that sells the most, but they have several sellers accounts on Amazon, which is by iteself, breaking the Amazon TOS.

They are selling their items at a very low price (since they can afford it) on Amazon.

They also wait for you to buy any item from them, promote the item, get some reviews, and then once you have a good selling listing going on, they will come and list under you for a lower price and get the buy box!I have never seen a wholesaler undercutting to this level. This is not a fair practice of business and this company’s days are numbered if they keep doing this.

I bought 3500.00 worth of one item from them. At the time there were no listings on Amazon. I started a listing, gave over 50 products away for promotion and got some reviews. I paid for professional pictures and created an awesome listing.

After the listing started selling, this company (Wynnmart) highjacked my listing and started selling the item at 35% lower price. They got the buy box and I haven’t been able to sell at all.

Be careful with buying items and retailing on Amazon or online.. you will lose money!

Here is the information I found on this seller online:


Registrar URL:

Registrant Name: Mahmoud Paridehpour (sales manager at 4sgm)

Registrant Organization: Four Seasons General Merchandise

What I don't understand is that a wholesaler always tries to stay in wholesale area and really doesn't like to deal with retail operations, as it can get real time consuming, but this company, chooses to deal with retail, for few dollars they could make, vs. the thousands they can make, if they stick to the wholesale operation.

I have seeked an attorney to file a claim against this people. They don't disclose the fact that they retail for lower prices, before hand and this to me, is an absoloute rip off!

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