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Fountainwood Apartments

Country United States
State Texas
City Euless
Address 750 E Mid Cities Blvd
Phone 817-267-6740

Fountainwood Apartments Reviews

  • Jun 8, 2017

If you have leased from this apartment, I am empathetic to you. If you are looking to rent from this location, consider yourself lucky.

Unfortunately I signed a lease with this apartment complex, and I regret that I ever did. Management is rude, unprofessional, and has no care. Their staff is under trained, and lazy. The apartments are average, at best, and come with a higher monthly rate than many of the apartment complexes that are scattered right down the street. You might be asking, what are you in fact paying for? Rats, bugs, and broken appliances that won't be fixed for weeks.

I told management, that I spotted several mice/rats running from bushes, as I past. They were lackadaisical, uncaring, and blew me off. They did not care, until I spotted rat droppings on my second floor patio, and could hear them rustling in the storage closet. It took two weeks for a maintenance man to come to my door, check out the evidence, and say "looks like we have a rat problem". They offered no apology, just ensured it would never happen again...

Off to bugs. After discovering that both myself and neighbors had ant problems, I notified management. Weeks past, and I find a strange man in my apartment spraying near my fire place. No notice, of the visit, no courtesy call, no respect for my pet who was feet away, in a crate. Thanks for adding pets, to the list of things, you could care less about.

To appliances. My oven burners stopped working, two weeks into moving into my apartment. The microwave had to be replaced in month 4, and the garbage disposal was broken in month 7 or 8.

Do yourself a favor, go down the street and rent from an apartment, not this one, nor owned by the same group.

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