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Foundation Finance Company LLC

Country United States
State Wisconsin
City Rothschild
Address 700 Eagle Nest Blvd
Phone 1-855-241-0024

Foundation Finance Company LLC Reviews

  • Aug 8, 2015

In 2013 my partner and I purchased our very first home, Oh how exited we were after a very stressful time getting through the loan process. A week later we had a knock on the door from a salesman (Which we learned is typical of a new build community) this salesman was not selling concrete or new back yard but a (Water System) but not only a (Water System) but one that we (New Home Owners) NEEDED!! Our home at the time was a new build meaning the pipes are extremely new and had not been used to clear out building debris i.e. dust etc.. but we invited the "Salesman" in. He then begins to explain his product and what it does and then pulls out his "Water Testing Kit" then tells us we have hard water, it's not clear like it should be, so on and so forth, he then makes ice with our ice maker and shows us "Our Ice" verses "His Ice" in a [Picture] (Dummies We Were). He begins to explain to us again who the company was who makes this water system (Nuevia) and how we would supposedly pay for this system and how it came with so many perks. Being that we just went through a loan process out question to the (Salesman) was "What is the loan amount and the interest?" as that was the part he didn't go over, before I go into that info let me advise consumers that we were new to all of this (Homeowners) (Realestate Virgins) if you rather and were a bit green and NAIVE so he saw (Dummy) written all over our faces, but a typical water softener system cost anywhere from $600 to $1300 on the very (High-end) but he the salesman in a quick spoken sentence rattles out the price of the system is $4,995 (WITH NO INTEREST) And that all payment would be applied to the principle balance which we should have KNOWN (How did they make their money) well I thought it was just off the OVERPRICED system... BOY WERE WE WRONG!! This system turned out to be a HIGH INTEREST LOAN with a third party finance company whom apparently "LOANED" my partner and I $5,000!!! Foundation Finance turned out to be the company and what a rocky path it has been dealing with this company from it's extremely RUDE employees from the call center to the upper management within the call center (if there really is such a thing) and beyond there. I have been treated with the utmost worse customer service, when I explained to them that we didn't have clue what they were, what the "Contract" entailed and had we known we wouldn't have signed up for this "Loan" as we where instructed by our lender do not run our credit for at least 60 - 90 days after purchase of our home... I received rude responses and told "Oh well you signed a contract" as I sit and type this with tears of absolute anger we where sorely taken advantage of.. a few months into having this system and purchasing our home my partner and I were both laid off our jobs meaning we had a substantial drop in income forcing us to live off of what was left of our savings after purchasing a home and waiting the decision of EDD. I reached out Foundation Finance to explain and once again I was treated with horrible unsympathetic rudeness and told that if we didn't pay there would be a lien placed on our brand new home.... we were terrified!! Foundation Finance is a SCAM and a SCHEME to put people in debt, it's a sham of a company since we first initially signed a PARTIAL contract as the (Salesman) didn't give us the full contract with important details of this "Loan" Foundation Finance has been running our credit almost monthly semi-monthly or when you're a day or more late on the payments resulting in tanking credit scores, and your personal information being thrown at you like a weapon once on the phone with them... They feel because we seem to be paying your mortgage and car notes why can't you pay them on time. I have asked several times for the part of the contract were we agreed to allow them to RUN CREDIT CHECKS when we are late on a payment and I have yet to receive that, they know they are scammers as they always want to record the (Payment Portion) of the call and no other part of the call.. especially the parts where they talk crazy to you and bully you out of money.. Please, Please consumers do your homework and if you are not sure about a situation do your own credit check, BBB is always a great place to start or simply google the company and put (Complaints) following their name.

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