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Foster Communities

Country United States
State Maryland
City Baltimore
Address 1121 Maiden Choice Lane
Phone (410) 242-7017

Foster Communities Reviews

  • Dec 28, 2016

In 2005 we purchased a house for over 660k. With a down payment of over 100k. We purchased several upgrades which turned out to not be upgraded options. Those things are not the focus of my complaints. Although still a ripoff. My concern are there multiple structural damages. The drain out back is much too small. This causes a flood every time it rains. Water damage had led to mold. We spent money to get a new, more powerful sump pump and still major flooding in the basement. There roof leaks. Was told it wasn't sealed. The water damage came into the house down the side of the wall. Causing floods in the sunroom. Again, more mold and erosion. There cost to install the piping and water system was passed onto us. Where most builders absorbed this fee we pay$1500 a year for something sub par. The water is hard. It has a horrible smell. It has a yellow color also. The concrete on the driveway want finished properly.

It's cracked and crumbling. The sidewalk isn't leveled. It also is cracked and unsafe for our children. There bathroom floor in the master bedroom is sloping. As is the flooring in the family room. The sofa slides. The foundation isn't stable. I would like to see the soil report. The ground is interested with ants. In warm months they come up through my floor on the main level. The wood floor plans have multiple defects. Holes and gaps. Which also provide breeding space for these ants! If you are in the basement, your entire conversation can be heard up on the third level! Poor insulation. There house is drafty. There is no privacy as you can hear everything from every room through the walls and the ceilings/floor. When walking on the floor (which is supposed to have upgraded padding and carpet) you can hear squeaking and creaks. The floor is unsettled. The porch leaks when raining. The gutters were not properly installed. Causing the shrubbery and flower bed to be eroded. The awning above is crooked. Visible to the naked eye. Several calls and emails were written and sent to the builder send the foreman. No action was/had been taken to attempt a remedy. This is the most cotly mistake of our lives!

  • Aug 10, 2015

I live in a new housing commnity built by Foster Homes of Maryland. This community has about 100 new homes and has been under construction fo r several years. Approximately 20 of the homes in this development had deteriorating driveways within a couple of years of delivery. The errosion can be seen at this link

This errosion has continued since the homes were built and creates a real mess. The material erroding from the surface gets into homes, in cars, all over the yard, and is shoveled up in bucketfulls during snow conditions. Here are photos of a handfull of the material

Foster refuses to even discuss the problem. And they have no explanation whatever as to why this is happening to only a percentage of the homes. Why is it happening to some homes and not others? Their continued refusal to address the issue will force homeowners to raise a significant amount of money to bring a brand new home up to standard. To give an example of how poorly they have attempted to resolve any problem, here is a photo of repairs they were forced to incorporate by the county to teh driveway aprons. They couldn't do a good job. The photo shows deterioration of the repairs only one month after they were in place. A driveway apron is erroding just one month after the work was done.

Concrete specialists that have been asked about the problem conclude it is a function of poor finish work, the surface of the concrete was not completed properly. And Foster ignores the problem. Foster has used fly-by-night contractors in this community, evidenced by the level and range of problems overall. Foster then refuses to back up the poor work by these contractors.

The conclusion here is that buying a Foster Community home puts a buyer at risk for having to raise even more cash after the home purchase to try to correct the problems and bring the home up to standard. Beware.

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