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Forex Peace Army

Country United States
State Alabama

Forex Peace Army Reviews

  • May 21, 2020

Big Scammer

A big scammer, not a real Forex Peace Army.

  • May 31, 2017

I have posted several negative reviews of services that coach traders and FPA will not post them.

  • Sep 1, 2016

Forex peace army is designed to make money off of controversy, people's complaints, replies posts, and page views.. They don't care at all about the truth, or inaccurately harming people's reputations. They are online russian thugs.

They make money on selling ads on these pages. It's a known model on the internet, and that's all they care about.. Sadly, just like here on ror.


Here are more links about the the sleazy thugs from forex peace army:

And here:

They are linked to forex b*******, which has this written about them:

This little punch of people doing what at least can be described as organized crime, including many other identities like rob, grespi, rick, ghafour, rasheid, omar, and many more masks...All fake they promote their signal service, fooling novice forex traders to count on them in trading the news. They have caused hundreds of people to lose big money. They even dare to promise you if you lose that they can blackmail the broker to get you your money back.

Their own moderator "bill k" admits that he's not using his real name:

"i go by bill k. It's not my real name. The reason i chose to operate under a pen name and to not show my picture is simple. I'm in charge of the fpa's forums, reviews, and performance testing. The majority of the "take down information about what our company did to our clients or we'll come after you and your family" threats over the years have been directed at me. Unlike many of my fpa colleagues, i'm a natural born american citizen. Due to threats against my family, that's the limit of personal information i'm willing to publicly share."

An interesting choice for a pseudo name, as bilk means the following:

Bilk -

5. A cheat; swindler.

6. A trick; fraud; deceit.

So i'm not surprised they are afraid for their personal and family safety, or that the poster above has compared them to organized crime.

More about their ceo 'felix' here:

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