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Forest Ridge Farm

Country United States
State Kentucky
City Science Hill
Address 7241 N. Hwy. 27
Phone (606) 271-1064

Forest Ridge Farm Reviews

  • Jul 3, 2017

Buyer Beware! Connie Wesley sold us a horse that she touted as one of the top "five" best horses she had ever had. She stated that she could not find a single flaw concerning this mare and that she had two veterinarians examine her. When we received our horse, our veterinarian found that she could not see out of her left eye and that there were no signs of recent trauma. After a couple of tests, our veterinarian believed that she had been blind in that eye for quite some time. He consulted with an equine ophthalmologist who reviewed this report and said that the condition is irreversible. Another veterinarian was consulted and confirmed these findings.

We had been sold a horse with a serious physical impairment that had not been disclosed!

When we contacted Ms. Wesley about this situation, she stated that she did not believe that the horse was blind in her left eye (despite the documentation), that she does not give full or partial refunds (at first offered an unacceptable resale deal), and told us not to contact her again.

When describing the horse that we bought, she used the words, "very much non-spook." "neck reins the very best," "for all ages," "for timid riders," "for young riders," "for SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN," etc. Sound familiar? If you are looking at her ads, chances are you recognize these phrases. If you've bought a horse from her, you have seen these phrases!

We notice that when we approach the mare from the blind side that she startles and jumps. This is a normal response resulting from the blind eye. She is "VERY MUCH SPOOK!" She requires special handling for safety, and we always caution visitors to be aware of her blind side. Being blind in one eye is a handicap and is forever!

When we tried to ride her, she was not easily controlled. So, we hired a professional horse trainer with 35 years of experience in training horses and 5 years experience as a jockey. He is extremely qualified and known in our area as the "horse whisperer." He found her to be difficult to control and not a pleasure to ride. He stated, "If she is for special needs children, then you'd have to consider me special needs."

We feel great concern that she might have been sold to someone with a special needs child!

Since we were unable to resolve this situation with Ms. Wesley personally, we appealed to small claims court. The court ruled in her favor because she does not provide any warranty for her horses. We bought this mare "sight un-seen" and should not have done so.

What we've learned from this experience:

We will never trust a "horse trader" until we know them a lot better than we did Ms. Wesley. Trust is earned, not declared.

We will never again buy an animal from online advertising. The judge from small claims court gave this advice. We will only purchase animals that we personally see, touch, and be present while a veterinarian of our choice examines the animal. Getting an animal is a serious responsibility and should be entered into with both eyes wide open!

(Sorry about the puns.)

P.S. Don't just listen to us. Read the complaint from Betty Bummer on RipOff, March 21, 2015. We wish we had! Then read Ms. Wesley's words in her "3" rebuttals that shows proof of who she is. She said almost the identical things to us...she's a broken record!

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