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Forest Grove Condos

Country Canada
City Port Alice, British Columbia
Address 1101 Marine Dr
Phone 780 961 6811

Forest Grove Condos Reviews

  • Jan 14, 2021

This guy is a liar and a fraudster in Canada and USA, do not buy the fake gems, do not fall for the condos or the gold land.

My husband sold a property to this guy and he bought it with fake gems with fake appraisals. Do NOT buy anything from him. We needed the money from the sale of these gems and they are worth NOTHING!

I looked into the val'dor gold land claim and he deosnt even own it, he stole money from his ex partner gavin and illegally tried to transfer land. He takes peoples deposits and runs off with it. He is a big fraudster, people in china even know him. He is doing real estate fraud in Canada and USA.

I am surprised the police have not arrested this guy. Its a shame he steals everyones hard earned money!


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