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Ford Country

Country United States
State Nevada
City Henderson
Address 280 N Gibson Road
Phone 800-583-5615

Ford Country Reviews

  • Jan 9, 2018

The accessories on the car we rest drove were not the same as the car we received. They presented the car with the accessories that are a very important part of any new car purchase after paperwork was signed and we got in car at dealership they DID NOT follow their own company policies, which left us not aware the car we drove away in did not have the one absolute accessory! The reason we decided to buy a Ford Vehicle was that they were one of the few cars that Had this. Then after calling to tell them if the error they claimed .. that we're aware of the issue and to NOT. Register the car and we would take it back to get the correct vehicle.. when we returned the vehicle thay claimed not to have that accessory any longer thus forcing us to trade them. BAck the vehicle forcing us into either defaulting on the lease or upgrading to a new model. This costing us nearly $10.000 yes !! 10thousand dollars They are very good at this as our complaints that were said to resolve this issue were done interdepartmental as to not let anyone know the scam that had been done until we were contacted for a survey. They then began a full on assault to dissuade us from filling out surveys. It's been an absolute nightmare of 23 phone calls and 15 emails at this point we have even felt threatened to go to the dealership to maintain the vehicle according to the terms of lease as we know they now have no integrity and if I do not perform maintenance agreement my car then is no longer warranteed. The company that has scammed and harrasssed me now expects me to hand my vehicle over to them. This has been horrific and will continue for the terms 36 months I have to be held financially hostage by the dealership because of their slick test drive swap. Absolutely absurd I believe this is why American cars are becoming obsolete

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