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Florida Supplement LLC

Country United States
State Florida
City Miramar
Address 10301 Commerce Parkway
Phone 954-925-1924

Florida Supplement LLC Reviews

  • Sep 11, 2015

We have worked with Florida Supplement for over a decade, when Doug Brown and Irwin Kendall were both active.

They manufactured great products and if a problem occurred, it was handled prompltly.

Neither Doug or Irwin are active at Florida Supplement now. The persons we worked with directly on this situation have been:

Bob Stein: According to LINKEDIN profiles, CEO of Florida Supplement, Principal of Menotomy Associates andChairman of the Board,Defiance Integrated Technologies

Paulo Hala, SVP of Marketing

Giselle Garcia, Customer Service.

Following is a edited copy of a BBB report filed with BBB Southeast Florida, that for some reason is not appearing as a complaint on their site as of now.

Our company has been a customer of Florida Supplement for over 10 years. They have manufactured branded herbal tablets for us without problems or if there was a problem it was corrected promptly by Florida Supplement and its former President Doug Brown or Irwin Kendall, SVP. New CEO is Bob Stein and SVP Paulo Hala.

We placed an order for herbal tablets in June 2014 and paid a 50% Deposit at that time. We were promised delivery in 8 to 10 weeks. The order was an exact duplicate of tablets , packaging and labeling Florida Supplement has manufactured for

us for probably hundreds of thousands of tablets in the past, without issues.

We had to constantly prod Florida Supplement for a firm delivery date and tablets labeled: Lot 1047039 MFG 09/2014 were delivered to us 10 weeks late (about 11/14) Florida Supplement required us to pay balance due in advance prior to delivery.

We shipped and were almost immediately contacted by furious customers stating that the tablets were bad quality, broken and crumbled.

A picture of product quality they sent is attached at this site:

Paulo Hala at Florida Supplement told us that their retention samples were fine, so we drove down to Florida Supplement with 5 people and when he presented their "retention" samples, they crumbled in our hands.

We were promised that Florida Supplement would fairly compensate damage to our business in addition to "rework" the product in and other promises but about 2 months later we were delivered the "rework" product (2/15) which turned out to be boxes labled Batch xxx7039 - R but later it was discovered the alleged "rework" boxes contained only bottles appearing identical to the first bad batch and stamped identical to first batch : Lot xdxx7039 MFG 09/14 on the bottom. The rework tablets also crumbled up. It looks like they put the original bad bottles into new master boxes.

Manufacturing Control Records and QC for the 1st and "rework" batch requested. Not delivered.

We were told they did not want to recall. As of 9.7.2015 and over 12 months since placing original order, we have still not been delivered good quality tablets

by Florida Supplement, Miramar, FL. They have promised to replace but we have not been delivered good product as of 9.7.2015.

This is very disappointing, they have been a good manufacturer for many years but the latest management team headed by Bob Stein and Paulo Hala, in our opinion for this order have been simply horrible.

Their incompetence in resolving this issue has destroyed many of our customers relationships we have had for years, our income has plummetted and they have not yet met their promise to replace this product with good product or help us in

ways to restore our business relationships and financial health.

In our experience and opinion, Florida Supplement gets an F on this order process and a we feel like publishing this report is our last resort and warning to others who may deal with Florida Supplement.

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