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Country United States
State Florida
City Coconut Grove
Address 3390 Mary St #116
Phone 1.800.810.6155

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  • Mar 10, 2018

Never never pay for mortgage leads with a check.

I was totally scammed by this company - ... Mike thomas...He promised my team that we would get 4 closed loans per week if we hired his marketing company...This was 6 weeks ago and nothing has happened...My assistant has been calling him repeatedly...But he won't call back...My team found different complaints about him here on Yscam and also via the bbb websites for these companies and cities - allocated marketing - las vegas, gmx marketing miami and jacksonville fl, citywide source, st. Petersburg, fl...


This guy has many other names isaac otero, isaac moreno, isaac walden, mike thomas, ken paine, steve chou...He steals money from loan officers that are just tyring to grow their business...He never delivers any leads...And when too many people complain, then he just changes his name and his company name and starts again via the web. I wish i had done more searching because i know that i will never get my money back...

He only takes checks for the initial payment ... Red flag ... Red flag...Red flag... Never buy any mortgage leads except with a credit card.

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  • Feb 21, 2018

Mike Thomas also known as Issac Moore - contacted me awhile back with a compelling mortgage lead generation offer. He promised live call trasfer leads for mortgage inquires. He sent me the contract and it seemed to be very legit and even offered a money back, full refund if the leads where not what was promised. With the amount of business this could have generated if it was truthful, It was worth taking the risk of $1200 up front. As soon as he took my check and cashed it ( mail fraud) he stayed in touch for a few days and then nothing. I would call him mulitple times a day and his phone was off. After momths of trying to get my moeny back, he went MIA. it was not until I promised him that FL Attorney General would be hearing about this, that he would start to answer my calls. Each call he took from me, he did nothing but LIE AND LIE AND LIE.

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