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Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel

Country United States
State Florida
City Wesley Chapel
Address 2600 Bruce B Downs Blvd
Phone 813-929-5000

Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel Reviews

  • May 24, 2017

I would recommend not coming to this hospital on many levels.

1) Quick to diagnosis. I arrived in the ER with acute pain in the abdomen and back with dry heaves and no fever. Diagnosed with Acute Pancreatitis and Kidney Stones. They used a Lipase Blood test to justify their diagnosis. I had Kidney Stones only. Held me in the hospital for 2 1/2 days for Acute Pancreatitis that I did not have.

2) They are in the middle of construction and the hall and the main lobby smells like mold. (very healthy to breath)

3) The power went out at least 14 times while I was there for 2.5 days (that includes the A/C going out) Once again not keeping it cool and letting the possibility of bacteria and pathogens to accelerate growth.

Now for the detail. I arrived at the ER and they ran some blood tests and a CAT scan. The CAT Scan revealed a 5mm kidney stone between my kidney and bladder. The blood test revealed slightly elevated white count and lipase level that was elevated. They used the elevated lipase level to justify keeping me for acute pancreatitis for 2 days in the hospital without eating and giving me an IV with two antibiotics.

I would have stayed longer, but my wife saw what was going on and had to argue with hospitalist to let me go. The specialist had told us that we should be released. I later learned my gastroenterologist on follow-up visit that it is not uncommon for lipase to rise with kidney stones. Usually, Lipase and Amylase are used in diagnosing Pancreatitis to isolate the organ as the problem. They did not run the amylase test. In addition, the MRI with contrast came back with the Pancreas as being grossly unremarkable, meaning it looked fine.

I sent a letter to the hospital and they justified their position stating that the lipase level was justification to hold me because it shows I had inflammation in my abdomen. Duh. I HAD A KIDNEY STONE LODGED BETWEEN MY BLATTER AND KIDNEY. Think there might be some inflammation. I passed the kidney stone in the urologist's office 2 weeks later. My previous Urologist from 10 years ago, told me that he does not go to that hospital anymore because they are quick to diagnose. I have talked to a few doctors and lab techs since my experience to confirm my suspicions. So, I am paying $2000 for my portion of the coinsurance to the hospital for "the use of services" and they are shifting the blame to the doctors which are all paid separately. ER doctor that diagnosed acute pancreatitis, the two urologists that visited and the gastroenterologist and the two hospitalists. (out of pocket around $600 for them). Oh, by the way, I had to ask to see the first hospitalist. She was on her way out for vacation. I was then passed to another that I saw the next day. Even my nurse at the primary care doctor's office knew about lipase and amylase testing for pancreatitis and that lipase can go up with any inflammation in the abdomen.

I have searched google and this seems to be not so uncommon to find yourself in this position at a hospital with kidney stones. Sounds like a way to fill an empty bed to me. The initial hospital bill was 27K and adjusted 10K by the insurance company. I paid 20 percent. I hope that the new plan to reform healthcare will create a system of standard costs for procedures by geographic regions. That will dramatically reduce the cost of healthcare for everyone. In my opinion, this scenario should have never happened. An ER visit and sent to the doctor for an office visit evaluation would have done the trick. It would have saved thousands of dollars for me and the insurance company.

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