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Florida Hospital Apopka

Country United States
State Florida
City Apopka
Address 201 N Park Ave
Phone 407-889-1000

Florida Hospital Apopka Reviews

  • Dec 9, 2017

I first called Lake Baldwin VA hosp to get help the hosp at that time had no ER service that Baldwin park. I live in Apopka long drive so, they told me to go to the closest ER hosp was Florida Apopka.LLake Nona was still nto open yet and Didn't have a staff. The nurse on the phone told me that the VA would pay for it I have be fighting for years it seem. I even sent them some money and they sent it back. I was willing to work with them.

I am a Disabled Veteran on a small fixed income .I also have many medical needs PTSD, anxiety, fribmyalg walking is hard some days loss of hearing and Vertigo, Sleep alpena machine to sleep at night. I've had a stoke 2 days after that hosp vist my be the Dr could have seen something. I had Virul menu that is why I get bad head aches now i have seizure Disorder.

When I'm told to go to the ER I go Life or life I don"t know.The va said they would pay and it has not but, I don't feel I should have to pay this bill or have it show on me credit as Collection (not under medical ) so collection under a gold key credit inc doesn't show up medical. My credit was spotless till this! I'm sorry the world has come to this that someone takes all that has worked for and has not much left give. My credit was star over.

Susan L Green

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