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Florida Flyers Flight Academy

Country United States
State Florida
City Saint Augustine
Address 4730 Casa Cola Way
Phone 1 904-209-3505

Florida Flyers Flight Academy Reviews

  • Dec 16, 2019

If you’re looking for a school where the people in charge are power greedy, petty, only passionate about stealing your money, will make your life miserable if you go against them, and don’t care about the students as much as they should, then this is a perfect place for you.

I’m a former student of this school and I was part of the flat rate program that they are very well known for. I can’t even begin to explain how my life got screwed over because of that program. But in order to tell my story, I have to explain the program first.

Basically, for about $42,000-45,000 (depending on the aircraft you choose to fly in initially) you have 250 hours to finish your training from private to commercial. But you don’t have to pay it up front. You can pay it through installments and as you progress with your training. During my initial training, it was going so well. I was so happy and proud of myself when I soloed and I did my best to comply with the rules.

Unfortunately, things started to go south while I was getting close to attaining my private pilot license. They forced us to pay another 30% of the fixed cost out of nowhere despite barely making progress. The deal was to pay more as you progress forward.

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