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Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Hudson
Address 8933 Casper Ave
Phone 844-352-2473

Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary, Inc. Reviews

  • May 27, 2017

Florida Exotic Bird Sanctuary is a rip off

Be very careful and don;t give your parrots to this people.

Make sure you get in writting if you find out they breed or sale bird, you can get your money and bird back.

Do not sighn a paper that they can do what they want with your bird.

They will sell your bird or use it for breeding and you can do nothing about it.

Ask them if president of the company has breeding lisence?

Ask them if you can visit her breeding facility?

Ask them if she has a vet?

Ask them are the bird have food and water?

Ask them if the parrots used for breedig see the sun ever?

They will take your money, your baby and you will be sad if you don't look around for better place.

I have doucoment for breeding and selling parrots.

They asked me to breed for them.

They are missing thousands of parrots.

I did put a Facebook page save the parrots on Facebook

They scam people out of their money.

Any parrots that was sold, they said they put for adoption while they said they have no adoption.

One sister is in charge of taking the parrots and the other busy selling the parrots.

There is hundreds of photos and videos for breeding and salling parrots.

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