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Florida Energy Water & Air

Country United States
State Florida
City Orlando
Address 6505 Edgewater Drive
Phone (407) 523-0775

Florida Energy Water & Air Reviews

  • May 18, 2017

Sales rep came to our home and misled us and lied to us as to what his product would do for us.

On 02/07/17 a sales rep by the name of Edwin came to our home representing Florida Energy Water and Air. He basically told us our water was not good enough to drink. He claimed if we purchased a water system from this company our water would be as pure as bottled water, we would use much less soap in our washer and would feel much cleaner coming out of the shower as the water would be much purer. He performed a test to show us how bad our water was, a test that took about 10-15 minutes. After showing us how terrible our water was, he put a filter on our kitchen faucet and did same test and showed us how great our water could be if we just bought his system.

We agreed to purchase the system that night. We completed the paperwork. He put both, mine and my GF’s names on the paperwork because we both lived there. We did not want my GF name on the finance part; he said that it would be just showing that she lived there. He said that they would call and schedule an install. We called the company on 2/9/17 stating that we did not want the system; because we did not want my GF name on the finance part. The woman who took the call said she needs to investigate this and will call us right back. We never received that call back. We called again and said we did not want the system and that my GF name should not be on the financing and we did not agree to auto payments from my bank account. Everything Edwin told us was a bunch of BS. The lady said we signed a contract. We called Edwin and he gave us a different number to call in Orlando. Left a vm for them to get back to us. Never heard back from them. In the meantime they installed the system and the final inspection came on 2/27/17 almost 3 weeks since they day Edwin was in our home. We spoke to Jerrod, the rep who did the final inspection about the financing issue and he said he would get back to us and we should be able to call and cancel the contract within the 3 days of the inspection, or have my GF name removed from the financing. I had already called within the 3 days of when Edwin was there, now there is another 3 days? I determined their product is not suited to my expectations and that all of the promises made to me from Edwin are BS.

We called again about canceling the contract and the financing. The lady was very rude to my GF. She basically said we signed a contract; we had to cancel within 3 days in writing. We were told that we could call. She said we signed papers stating it had to be in writing. We were TOLD something different at the time of signing. We called right after Edwin was there on 2/9/17 within the 3 days to cancel. Technically this should never even been installed because we called within the 3 days to cancel. Then we were told by Jerrad that we had 3 days from the final inspection to see if you like it or not. She did not care, she kept saying we signed a contract we should have read the contract. We did, but were TOLD there would be no problem.

Needless to say, we have had nothing but issues with the system since it was installed. The water looks cloudy and had a funny smell to it. We called Edwin and he said it looks cloudy because of the air and the smell is because of the pipes, give it time and it will clear out. We waited and still no good. We called the service number again and left messages. No call back. We FINALLY got someone to come out on 4/11/17. They replaced a Ballast for the UV light, that went bad.

The water continues to be dirty. I have dirt stains in the toilets which I was told would NOT happen, would go way, we were told our hair would be softer, our hair feels like straw, not shiny, we don’t use less soap. Feels no different, a basic water softener did a better job than this $8000. Piece of crap. We have been lied to by more than one person. We even told Edwin when he came that we have read nothing but bad reviews about the customer service, he guaranteed us that we can call him and it will be taken care of. He stands by his product. He lied to us AGAIN, about everything.

Bottom Line; We originally cancelled this contract by phone within the 3days. This product should never have been installed to begin with. We called to cancel the contract. Which we were TOLD we could do. I even found on line where another couple cancelled the contract by phone and it was accepted ( January 10, 2017). So they ALL lie at this company. It all depends on who you talk to. We want this system off our property. We did cancel within the 3 days. We held up our end of the deal, THEY DID NOT. We want our money refunded, they can take all of their products with them, and the coupon program (which is garbage) take all the freebies back. They lied from the very beginning. This company is horrible I will never deal with another in sales home product again. Unfortunately they give all of them a bad name. It's not as if I waited months. We cancelled within 3 days of the initial signing. That's what pissed me off.

What I want to see: I first want to be released from their contract. I cancelled this by phone within the 3 days. I do not want their product or services. I do not want to be affiliated with this company in any way, shape, or form. I want their product out of my yard along with all of their other stuff.

  • Apr 8, 2016

Wow what a bad service provider. I had them come out and give an estimate and perform installation of 3rd party softener and filter. While they indicated $150 initial price for installation their technician did not give estimate after arriving and taking a look but rather proceeded with work and simply gave us bill over $450. Unbelievable!

Worst yet was that technician never installed filter because he felt that interchangeable media inside did not have carbon. He also spent 2 hours going to home depot for parts and billing for that time. Instead of using pex pipe like the rest of the house he used pvc.

Incomplete job, no estimate up front, price more than double than quoted over the phone, and although they are installer of this equipment you would think they carry parts on their trucks that is not the case, they will go to home depot and bill you for that time.

Definitely one of the worst service providers i've had to deal with.

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