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Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

Country United States
State Florida
City Tallahassee
Address 107 E Madison St
Phone 1 800-204-2418

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity Reviews

  • Jun 27, 2020

This state funded institution that collects unemployment insurance payments from every employer, the Florida Dept. Of Economic Opportunity is in such disarray & irresponsible. Yes I understand that these are times of crisis due to the COVID pandemic, however other states within the U.S have managed to approve unemployment claims & pay out benefits to those impacted by this pandemic. The Florida DEO has also collected funds from the U.S. Government from Congress, as the CARES Act was passed into law in mid March 2020.

Instead of the DEO diligently & effectively in a timely manner taking action to approve & pay out unemployment claims, since around the time they received the funds from the federal government in which was intended to pay each claimant $600/ per week for the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program, the Florida Department Of Economic Opportunity has not withdrawn these funds yet from an account in which has earned them between $25 Million or more in interest while thousands of Floridians who applied for benefits remain with their applications unaswered & ghosted.

Whether or not their alleged statements they made as to that their CONNECT system is overloaded & outdated is true & needs to be upgraded, they knew that their hardware & software system that was first established back in 2013 was faulty. They make it difficult to get a hold of any representative you need to talk to, in order for you to get assistance from them with any issues dyou encounter with their website or the CONNECT system.

I myself had read an article somewhere online as well as viewed a youtube video from a Local News broadcasting station from West Palm Beach Florida, in one of their news broadcast videos that discusses about this relentless problem that has plagued many unemployed Floridians, The FLDEO has received most of these Floridian's RA Remployment Assistance applications by mail, & they are sitting inside a trailor where they are being stored behind the DEO office that views claims. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!

  • May 26, 2020

Hello to the social injustice team,

I've tried to make contact with your office several times, and the employees, will not Give me their badge number, only in a government business. Any other private business, in America will fire the employee on the spot for those actions. I always choose The right option Of contact in your message, then an hour later someone answers the phone and says, oh you're in the wrong option, I know they're lying, then they tell me to call the same number, and press Another kind of options, please stop wasting taxpayers time and money, because we pay your salaries,

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