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Florida Career College Lauderdale Lakes

Country United States
State Florida
City Lauderdale Lakes
Address 3383 Florida 7
Phone 754-900-6800

Florida Career College Lauderdale Lakes Reviews

  • Dec 18, 2017

Like everybody else, I was exited to start school, because I thought that will keep me out of unemployment, I was tired of the job insecurity that I was facing, so mostly studding a career was the best choice for me... But not at Florida Career College, that reflect the worst decision I had ever made, choosing that particular school, the only thing they did is charge me, they never help me in anything, every time I paid while I was in school, I noticed that instead of lowering my debt, it keep increasing, because when I maked the next payment I will see a bigger amount that I owed, when I asked them why? They will just said, is because of the late fee and sometimes they wasn't even able to explained why?

And by the way, suppously was only 5% for late fee, but the increasing amount shows way more than that, after that, not only they shouldn't being asking for money constantly while I was in school, but they shouldn't being charging a late fee, for the fee they already charge you, while you're in school, that's crazy! When it comes to job placement, they just played games with me, only before I graduated they set me up for a few interviews, just to find out with the interviewers that they wanted someone with experience and one time they even gave the wrong address to one of the medical office, because when I went to the location, I asked a person from a near office and the person told me,

that the practice moved a year ago to another location, so I losted that job opportunity because of them, not only that, after I graduated, I asked for my diploma and for the state board exam, they told that I have to make a full payment if I wanted to received, I told them, I needed in order to find a job, not even for that reason they let me got it, so after graduation they stop helping me with job placement, but the accreditation of the school, sent me a few emails telling me to click yes for the job placement they did for me, when they never did it, I did found a job, after a few months after graduating by my own effort and searching, but I only lasted 3 weeks in that clinic,

because the administration of the clinic decide to let me go when they found someone with license and diploma, because I didn't have my diploma neither my license and how I'm I going to get it? if financial aid block me those two options, so now nearly a year after graduation, I am working overnight cleaning toilets after graduating honor roll from the medical assistant program and I still owe them and they keep calling me, asking me for money, that's all they asked. My best advise for everyone who want to enroll in this school is, please don't make the same terrible mistake that I did, because if you enroll in Florida Career College, you will definitely will regret it.

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