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Florida Capital Services, Inc.

Country United States
State Florida
City Hallandale Beach
Address 1920 E Hallandale Beach Blvd #809
Phone 954-870-4200

Florida Capital Services, Inc. Reviews

  • Sep 17, 2016

My 80 yr old uncle was contacted by this company and they told him they would help get his money back from oil, gas and money transfer scam but they are crooks themselves. The owner Roderick Darang got my uncle to give him his creditcard and ran 40k of charges. then he got him to send a check for 25k but his employee called and told us he is a scam and ripoff people then wire the money to buy land in Haiti. he also posed as a lawyer but is not. the last call was in October when they called to get more money and ran his card again but the credit card reversed the charges and my uncle filed a complaint. if anyone has been scammed by these people I hope they come forward because this crook is also being sued by the state of Florida.

  • May 7, 2016

Florida Capital Services also known as Florida Capital Recovery is owned and operated by Roderick Durang a Haitian man and his fat wife Shelly... Both have no real experience or background with debt recovery... Work history ranging from customer service jobs and teaching at Broward Community College. Roderick aka "Rod" got his start with scamming from being employed by Michael Ettus at Consumer Collection Advocates (con artist) in Cypress Creek Fort Lauderdale where Roderick worked for a month after lying about being a lawyer, Roderick decided to team up with Nancy Allen who worked at Consumer Collection Advocates and Dennis (Nancy's boyfriend who also worked at Cca)at the time to steal the complete client database and files from Consumer Collection Advocates to start their own scam company to call all over their previous clients and scam them into giving the new company they decided to form Advocacy and Collection Group more money for cases they already defrauded them on by taking and promising a return. Dennis, Roderick and Nancy later fell out over money because Roderick Durrang stole 50k out of the companies account which was earned from lying to costumers and promising to get back money from companies that were out of business or already being investigated by the government. With Rodericks new found fortune he and his wife Shelly started Florida Capital Recovery and began to start a war against their old co-workers, Roderick then kept a close relationship with Michael Ettus who began to mentor him on how to steal and beat the system ... roderick doesn't investigate anything beyond a Google search and well written reports, Roberta Curry who has worked at every scam call center is his secret weapon to keeping this operation going. These recovery companies are all just well connected scams ... Save yourself the time and money and report them to the attorney general before they change their names again and continue to steal from innocent people.

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