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Florida Best Quote

Country United States
State Florida
City Largo
Address 801 W Bay Dr #102
Phone 1 727-584-9999

Florida Best Quote Reviews

  • Mar 14, 2020


My wife and I moved into a new home and were referred to these people for insurance. They tell us during the process that we are "fully insured", even labelling their .pdf attachments for the policies as such. We later have a claim and file the paperwork. The Management of this company verbally tell us we are "don't worry you are fully covered".

Come to find out they were not being truthful with us. While our house was insured the "other items" which includes most everything except the dwelling was VERY under insured, which has now costs us 30k in hard $ due to their error. Even our mortgage person who referred us to these people learned JUST LIKE US when he called them JUST LIKE US. Florida Best Quote tells people they are insured when you call them. But when you call the actual insurance company YOU LEARN THE TRUTH-that you only have partial coverage.

In our case we would have been PROPERLY insured for just another 300.00 per year. And we pay for A TON of insurance every month. When we asked the owners to look into this they gave us lip service and then did nothing except continue to lie to us. Dishonorable people for sure!-Please don't get scammed like we did. And if you do let us know as these people should be banned from the insurance business within our communities.

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