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Florida Assumed Name Services

Country United States
State Florida
City Tallahassee
Address 1700 N Monroe St, #11-209
Phone 850-390-4666

Florida Assumed Name Services Reviews

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  • Feb 25, 2019

Now it's $145 !!!

Now this great service that is scamming people is asking for $145.00 to renew your fictitious name. Almost got caught until I saw how much was being asked to renew the DBA. Owners BEWARE, unbelievable that the state doesn't do anything about this

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  • Jan 10, 2019

I received an official looking renewal form for my FICITIOUS NAME. They requested form to be filled out and send along with $125.00 to renew when it is only $50.00.

They are not a legitimate company....they are fraudulent!!!!

  • Jan 30, 2018

Florida Assumed Name services, acting as the State of Florida mailed a letter stating one of our DBS, or Fitictious Names was expiring and we has to pay by 1/18/18 or it would expire. The letter stating "the Law" requested payment and a signature of the business owner. The price was $125.00

  • Jan 4, 2018

Letter looks official, claims Fla Fictitious Name renewal about to expire, $125. Have to read through document to read it is not from "a government agency."

A few minutes checking reveals renewal, while needed, is only $50, not $125. I consider this to be deceptive marketing, dispite the disclaimer.

  • Jan 3, 2018

I'm pretty annoyed that there is a scam mailing out official-looking letters to people who own LLCs or corporations with Fictitious Names. I only ever deal with, so I never respond to any third party communication, but other people might not be so intelligent. This scam is asking for $125 to renew my Fictitious Name, which is much higher than of Florida charges, AND I am reading reports that obviously the scammer does not renew the Fictitious Name with the state. They just take the money and run. Can we shut this scammer down? If I lived close to Tallahassee, I would pay their office a visit.

  • Feb 23, 2019

Florida Assumed Name Services

Do you think that is their physical address or just some mail drop?

  • Dec 30, 2017

I received this official Fictitious Name Instruction Form to be sent back to them with $125.00. It looked very official but i was suspicious because of the demand of $125.00. I looked up my original documents from Florida and it said i was not up for renewal until 12/31/2018 and the charge was to be $50.00.

In rereading their form it clearly states that the FLORIDA ASSUMED NAME SERVICE is not a Government Agency and does not have a contrat with any govvernment agency to provide this service.

I also found information on line that states that Florida knows of this scam but can't close it down. BEWARE!!!

  • Aug 5, 2017

I was aware that I needed to renew my Fictitious Name report every few years. However I don't remember how much the cost is to do so. I received it in the mail an official looking envelope with a letter telling me I had to renew my Fictitious Name by a certain date this year. To prevent forgetting to do it by the final date I decided to file early. I sent the check in the amount of $125 as requested to an official looking name and address of what I thought was a legitimate State of Florida department. A week later I got a notice from the State of Florida reminding me to renew my Fictitious Name registration. I called them and inquired about the company that I sent the $125 check to. They said they were a scam. They were aware of them but said that legally they didn't break the law because in fine print they said they weren'tmaffiliated with the State of Florida. I don't remember seeing that in the notice they sent me. The State of Florida only charges $50 for renewal.

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