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Flori Beaute Cream

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 6276 E. Tropical Pkwy
Phone 844-273-4593

Flori Beaute Cream Reviews

  • Nov 18, 2017

I tried to call the company & also had my bank call the company to try to resolve these two unauthorized withdrawals from my checking account. I even sent back the two tiny free samples I had paid for originally the shipping charges of ($3,99 & $4.99). They refused to credit my money back for the two transactions of $89.95 & $99.95. They stated there was a free trial period; however, that is not what I saw when I ordered the samples.

Also, they charged my account without notifying me. Approximately $200. I have photos of these samples. I have read nothing except "scam" reports online in regards to this company.

When I called the company to get the address to mail the samples back, I received the address I have included here; however, on my bank statements, there are two separate transactions in which they changed the banking & name of business information for.

The first is from Flori Beauty Cream (spelled 'beaute' elsewhere) 8442734593, PA - a bank from Pennsylvania. for $89.95. The second transaction (for the 2nd tiny sample 'free' bottle) was for $99.95 out of a bank from New York and the name of the business says MGIHTSY^VISAGESKINCAR 8444828869 NY.

The worst part about this entire situation, besides scam artists taking money out of my account fraudulently, is that since my bank was unable to dispute the scam, I had to close my debit/checking account card & order a new one to ensure they would not continue to take money out of my account. This all happened the weeks prior to my wedding, so I had to use my business account to pay for things in time and for personal use during my wedding & thereafter.

I feel very angry that these people have stolen from me. It was a real pain. I am always ery careful with my money and do not usually order anything online.

I saw an online 'magazine' artical in regards to how Angelina Jolie was too busy for her marraige to Brad Pitt because she was involved in this new beauty cream line. I cannot recall how I found this artical online; but it stated that she claimed it was a lot less expensive option for people who cannot afford plastic surgery. Since I was about to turn 50 years old and get married, I thought I'd try the free sample. If I were her, I would sue this company for using her name to sell a fraudulent product and for ripping people off.

I would greatly appreciate my money back as well, as we work hard for our money, unlike these liars. If anything can be done, I will definetely participate.

For the record, the 1/4 of each sample bottle that i did have a few days to try out prior to my wedding, did not show ANY improvement.

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