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Florade Wellness Center

Country United States
State California
City Studio City
Address 12610 Ventura Blvd
Phone 818-275-7575

Florade Wellness Center Reviews

  • Jun 30, 2017

This is the scariest health spa eve.. had botox done and they gave me a lazy eye due to using something other than botox, never even said sorry or gave advice how to take care of this.. I am going to look like thsi for 3 months and then I went to my own doctor down the street, he told me 3 other of his patients have had issues with this spa.

I want to warn eveeyone, dont ruin your summer and go here, I now cannot go out with sunglasses.. they never gave me my money back, they have peopledoing botx that are just regular sales girls, I should have known they advertised 9.00 a unit.

I am so upset they took my money and didnt even do botox.

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