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Floor & Decor

Country United States
State Maryland
City Gaithersburg
Address 18501 N Frederick Ave
Phone 877-675-0002

Floor & Decor Reviews

  • Nov 22, 2017

We purchased their Aquaguard laminate product whose warranty states that it could withstand standing water for up to 30 hours without any damage. Well that claim is false. We had a small leak that left water standing for maybe 2 hours and it terribly damaged our brand new laminate floor. The edges of several planks swelled and curled up. When we contacted Floor and Décor (who also is the manufacturer of Aquaguard) they had us submit a claim. After 2 months of inspections, pictures, etc. they declined to uphold their warranty and told us that they would not pay for the damage. We are extremely unhappy with the store and the product and hope to save others from having the same experience.

  • Jul 19, 2017

An hour after I purchased tile, customer changer their minds, so had to return tiles due to floor and decor now not having what my customer is requesting. .... I used my pin debit card to purchase, money on this job is budgeted tight and time is of the essence. So when I returned she proceeds to tell me it will refund into my account 3-7 buisness days. Now in this day and age we are in, I know with in a bout an hour that can be reloaded to my account. I have card services too with my business..... but they want to take 3-7 days to refund? How much interest are they gaining for 7 freaking days?!? Now my business is delayed due to this dinosaur way of refunding. This is obsurd and a joke. These people are gaining interest off money that's not even theirs. Talk about a pathetic business. Greed.... greed... greed. Your a freaking tile supplier (not a good one at that) not a freaking bank!

  • Jan 30, 2017

In October of 2016 we purchased 15 boxes of the AquaGuard Premium Laminate Flooring with the Expresso finish. The floor was finished in November and the following day we noticed some of the planks had an unusual filmy finish which under certain light looked like cheap plastic rather than the advertised "looks and feels like real hardwood".

On December 14, 2016 we sent the first of 3 emails to Floor and Decors Customer Service (Ticket numbers: 219198, 217710 and ticket 225390). We waited a couple of weeks but NEVER received a reply to our concerns. To this day F&D has not acknowledged nor apologized for the horrible customer service.

We then went to F&D's Draper, UT store and asked for the store manager. He did listen attentively to our complaint and agreed to help us find satisfaction but unfortunately we got kicked back to customer service. The person who contacted us had little or no product knowledge and zero compassion for our dilemma.

We were sent a claim form which we filled out and returned. After a month of emails we were eventually offered a couple of boxes of laminate if we would sign a release form but they refused to pay to have the bad product removed and reinstalled. They said the warranty which is printed in a small light gray font on the advertising piece enclosed with the laminate that the customer is responsible to inspect the product prior to installation. That would actually make sense normally but does not apply to our situation. In our case you cannot tell good planks from bad in sunlight nor at many angles of light and you cannot see the defect until the bad planks are viewed in relation to the adjoining planks. In all our dealings with F&D they never admitted nor acknowledged that they have a severe quality control problem.

Had F&D had the courtesy to visit and inspect our problem, this would have been obvious .Please see the attached 2 photos to see how defective the bad planks are.

F&D has a great section of products, are very helpful selecting the right product for a particular application but if something goes wrong you will experience horrible customer service. In the future we'll buy from a dealer who cares about the customer

  • Oct 10, 2016

Don't bother odering online or calling the Customer service numbers to order ....they are incompentant at best. they send ordering info to the stores via e-mail. never follow up with consumer, Heck.they don't even know what they have on hand! OHH.... and any promise they make a lie! Feel free to read on.

job site quanities every day....BS... shipping in 2 - 10 days BS.......Don't bother calling the customer servive numbers on the Floor and Decor website...they take your credit card but never send info to stores..... here is what ticked me off... went to local store and after 2+ years the wife and I found a backsplash tile we really liked. unfortunatly the store didn't have the quanity, but we could get it form multiple stores, just pay the shipping. (1st warning). So after calling the other locations, personaly to ensure they had it, one said all they had left were returns and were broken, so I called another store and was told that they had a full pallett, OK I said I want 8 cant have us pull them until you 877 675 0002 and we will get an e-mail to set it aside and ship it. did that...was told I would get an e-mail confirming. 2nd warning as I never recieved anything. But LOW AND BEHOLD the next day Floor and decor took my money.

Gave it one week and called local store to find out if they recieved it...NOPE... call 877 number again. only to be told that they need this number. call the store that supposedly was shipping and was told we sold out of it 6 days after the order was placed, Back to the 877# they say it is being shipped from another store and they were only notified yesterday that they were out of it. but a differant store woud shipp it..called that store and talked to the manager and was told the only thing I see is you being charged for shipping but we don't know what to ship! The item number/SKU is not here.

Back to the 877 # who after ANOTHER HOLD.. tells me I need a different number. They also told me they communicate with the stores by e-mail and due to the hurricane it has been delayed. I told them I was in the very same hurricane and was e-mailing friend and texting all thru it. 3 BS. They gave me a new order number so again on the phone to the store that supposidly has it in stock. The manager there finally says I have the order for the SKU and I see the shipping charges..I will pull it and it should be shipped monday. Wait and see.

  • May 24, 2016

Ordered tile for a clinic that serves children with special needs. Tile arrived damaged and unusable. Called the store and was advised to accept the shipment per their damage policy. Accepted the items and upon doing so they stopped helping. We were hung up numerous times and put on hold for over 30 minutes. We held up our end of their damage policy by calling the store, sending pictures of the damage, but they did nothing. Disputed the charge with my bank and they are fighting it like crazy. They have a whole department dedicated to nothing but fighting people off. Should be a big clue to not do business with them.

I have since did my research and it shows they have over 76 complaints with the Atlanta BBB! Horrible company that sells garbage and does not care about the customer. They want to take your money and then fight you off when they do not follow through with their own policies. Stay far far far away from this company.

  • Feb 4, 2016

We went to this store to purchase 900 sqft of porcelaine tile for our Rec/Game room. After telling the salesman what we were looking for he switched us to a vinyl strip floor called NUCORE. We purchased it based on his recomendations and installed it in our home only to find that after laying 2/3 of it there were multiple scratches appearing on it. We used furniture pad movers on the pool table but it still scratched and we found scratches at all the entrance areas. We stopped what we were doing and took back all the unused floor back to the store for a refund.

After receiving the refund for the unused portion of the floor, they told us to send a copy of the receipt and pics to J Brownley in order to file a claim. We later found out that J Brownley was the store manager. We did so and after several weeks of unsuccessful attempts to reach her to verify she received our information she finally answered. She told me she needed more pics and that she was going to attempt to get some credit from the manufacturer. She stated "That she was not going to take the hit for this." I stated that the least she could do is exchange it for tile or give us some type of discounted price to satisfy the claim since it was her people that baited and switched us on the product. We sent her more pics and after 2 weeks tried calling her again. for several more weeks our calls went unreturned and after speaking with a floor manager several times we finally got a email from J Brownley denying our claim. This is what her response was:

Dave, I apologize for the delay in response but I was trying to figure out how I might be able to get this approved. The reality is that your claim will be denied due to the evidence in the photos that the floor is not protected from the effects of moving furniture. As I discussed with you the first time, the directions clearly state that there should be furniture movers/felt pads on all furniture to protect the floor from scratching. The pictures show the scratching of the floor leading right to the legs of the furniture, further evidencing that the problem lies in the lack of protection, not in the floor itself. I have received no other claims on this floor and have sold numerous pallets from the same batch, which also leans to there not being a problem with the floor itself. I am attaching the information from the box as well as the warranty which shows that the manufacturer does not cover scratching in the warranty.

If you would like to take this claim further, you can hire a "certified flooring inspector" at your cost to provide you with an inspection report with the inspectors opinion of what could be deficient with the floor. Once an inspection is completed and provided to Floor & Décor, a determination can be made as to whether or not compensation will be provided. If it is found to be a manufacturer defect, the cost of the inspection will be compensated as well. Please let me know if you have further questions.Thank you- Jen Brownley General Manager/CEM

Imagine being the homeowner and attempting to do what she is requesting after you have spent all your money on a defective floor?,

I sent a email to corporate and after 1 week with out a call back I called the main corporate number and after telling the girl that answered what my problem was, she placed me on hold only to come back and say, Since your claim was denied, their is no one for you to talk to and that is final, Have a nice day. This is their customer service? Never will I send a customer to them again. Check with their competition as since this has occured we have found their competitors offer satisfaction guaranteed.

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