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  • Apr 22, 2018

Mark Daniels, who is active on under the name of TurnkeyProfit (, is selling websites (,won,completed,expired), promising earnings of $10,000/month or $100/day along with money back guarantee if it doesn't work.

After the purchase he asks you to register 25-40 domains and he will then setup pre made websites on those domains. All the websites are poorly designed and come with either YouTube videos or Amazon products. He then gives you a list of affiliate programs such as Amazon and AdSense where you can sign up. He will then provide, what he calls his secret blueprint money making strategy, which will allow anyone to earn $100, $200 or even $300 per day.

His secret marketing strategy is nothing other than him telling you to create YouTube compilation videos. He tells you to go to YouTube, search for funny videos like baby, cats, fails and then you download them. re-edit them and upload them back to YouTube with links to your websites in the video description. He claims you will automatically receive 10,000 - 100,000 viewers per video per month which will turn into $100 - $300 a day.

Problem is, that doesn't work. I have uploaded over 20 compilatin videos and after 4 months, each video has only about 50-100 views and none of the websites ever received any visitors.

It's also worth mentioning, Google removed most websites from their search engine because these websites are considered spam. He sells the same 40 websites about 100 times per month. If you add that up across 1 year, there will be over 1200 duplicate websites. When asking for money back, he refuses to refund and argues that you will need to create more videos and wait longer. He makes sure to tell you to wait at least 4 months, because after that period, you can no longer open a PayPal dispute.

When you then leave a negative feedback on Flippa mentioning the websites don't work, Flippa support will remove the negative feedback within several hours. Additionally Mark Daniels threatens you with legal actions and tells you he will sue you if you make claims that his websites don't work. Looking at his profile on, it shows that he has 100% positive feedback. However when you keep an eye on his profile, you will see that he receives about 6 site quality feedbacks per month, 5 of which are negative and will then be removed by Flippa staff.

It is unclear why Flippa support removes those negative feedbacks. When asking Flippa support why all the negative feedback gets removed, they claim that no feedback will ever be removed without the consent of the user who left it. This is clearly a false claim, as there have been many complaints on other forums stating that their feedback was removed without their consent. I also left a negative feedback which was removed. Flippa support did not responde onto why they remove it, they simply reply saying it's an issue between the buyer and seller and it should be handled between them. After that Mark Daniels will refuse to offer any support and Flippa support says they are not responsible for this and anyone should do due diligence before they buy a website, which seems very hyprocritical considering they are the ones who always remove any negative feedback.

Other sellers on Flippa do not get their feedback removed and are told to work it out with the person who left it. Flippa also permanently bans sellers if they receive multipel negative feedback in a row.

Further, Flippa's terms & condition ( prohibit any seller on Flippa to make potential earnings claims if the website is brand new and has not earned anything. Flippa's terms & conditons also prohibit any seller from making guarantees, yet the Mark Daniels offers guatantees.

Other sellers on Flippa have reported that if they mention potential earnings claims or make guarantees, they were suspended or even banned from Flippa. TurnkeyProfit however seems to get away with is. When asking Flippa support, they do not give any reason other than they are not responsible for any disputes between buyer and seller.

Because of this close affiliation between Flippa support and Mark Daniels that allows him to break the rules and gets all the negative feedback removed, it stands to reason that Mark Daniels is a close friend of one of the support staff members of Flippa.

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  • Apr 27, 2020

I had purchased an Android Gaming app on The seller Moazz yaqob claimed that the app makes a little over $500 per month profit. He ad also stated that he was located in the USA> He would reply to email pretty quickly during the auction. He provided screen shots of all his earnings which all turned out to be FAKE! I ended up paying him $605 for the app. he transferred it to me and then stopped responding to emails. After the auction ended and payment was made it turns out he is actually located in SAUDI ARABIA!!

Over 1 month later it turns out that the app generates under $5 per month using his promotion methods. i would have never paid $605 for the app if I knew it only made $5 per month. this was total fraud! Then I contact about the scam. They cannot get in touch with him either so they just suspended his account and told me that I have to go through Paypal to get my money back. However, they did not verify that any of his claims were true so they allow people to fraudulently sell things on their website. I contacted paypal and their "Purchase Protection" policy is total crap! They denied my claim saying that they do not insure digital products! I use Paypal as my payment processor for my business for many years. I have spent tons of money with them but will be switching to a new payment provider after this. Stay away from both Paypal and - they are both useless!

  • Jan 18, 2019

Do not do business with We recently submitted bids on the Flippa marketplace for several websites. During one auction, we put i n a bid below the "Buy it now" price for a website we soon discovered was not owned or operated by the seller. Unbeknownst to us, the seller was part of a hacker group that is being sheltered by Flippa and allowed to sell stolen digital assets. Along with another seller who sold us a separate website, transferred it to my hosting company, and had previously embedded a backdoor and malware that allowed them access to all our digital assets.

This hacker group then took out 5 personal gmail accounts, infected and shutdown over 70 domains worth $125k., when contacted to resolve the problems, shut down all access to our records. has no phone numbers available to contact them, and all communications come through a general support email address which is filtered and monitored by a team that is unwilling to provide additional information. The operations of the company are essentially shielded from any accountability, and easily avoid responsibility for the activity on their platform by controlling all communications between buyers and sellers.

The founders are not involved and they have all run off to create new scam sites dealing with online business.


We've already reported Flippa and this situation to Australian Federal Cybercrimes, Canadian Cybercrimes agency, FBI, US Secret Service, the FTC, Interpol, and German police agencies dealing with international cybercrimes.


Avoid this "company" at all costs - they are nothing more than a ring of scammers operating behind closed doors.

  • Sep 13, 2016

I have been ripped off by 3 people on Flippa yet the company doesn't do anything to the sellers. When I posted something about the seller they deleted my account. They did this 3 times.

The first site I bought was a site that sold plugins. Little did I know the seller was selling the same plugins on over 20 other sites. Also, once I bought the site I got the site and the plugins were from 4 years ago and did not work. I told Flippa and they told me tough luck.

If you're looking to buy a website, steer clear of Flippa. They only care about their bottom line and when you let people know that somone is scamming people they will ban you. I have no idea why this company hasn't been shut down yet.

I'm out over 3k and will never use this company again.

If you value your money don't use Flippa. There are other alternatives out there.

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