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Flight Network

Country Canada
City Oakville, Ontario
Address 2947 Portland Dr
Phone 1-905-829-8699

Flight Network Reviews

  • Oct 28, 2015

Hard to believe one has to post this..but when you spend 4k on airline tickets trusting that your reservation is filled...than you get an email that you cannot respond you call the number..

That we did...voicemail jail for 22 minutes....only to be routed to a third world country pakistan or india...where some no mind agent who cannot give you a case or file number tells you everything will be done....but will not give you anything concrete to go on. We ask for a manager and of course they hung up on we call back again..same thing..than finally talk to someone and they tell us no manager available. We leave our number no call returned. So we call through their booking number again..and figured out if we try an BUY a vacaction package..some person in Canada will be there full service....and to not to our surprise...we were routed to Oakville Flight network.

We expressed our concerns saying that we were frustrated by having our call answered by some persons in Pakisatan or India who could not help up and that our call was equivalent to a window tech support call in 98.

Rather than understand our frustration and help us, this person accused us of being racist and hung up. We asked why dont you sell vacation packages from india the way you support your client? The person at oakville was rude, abraisive argumentagive and disconnectd our call. We tried to call again and they never answered their phone. STAY CLEAR OF FLIGHT NETWORK THESE PEOPLE ARE COMPLET

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