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Flawless Vape Shop

Country United States
State California
City Anaheim
Address 5589 E Santa Ana Canyon Rd
Phone 714-998-8298

Flawless Vape Shop Reviews

  • Oct 28, 2015

Flawless Vape Shop in Anaheim Hills, is a predatory business in the community of Anaheim Hills. Their prices are far from competitive, and they keep the overhead as low as possible by only having 1 teenager from the local high school run the store on his own.

This is a cause for everything that can go wrong, will always go wrong at this establishment.

I purchased an eLeaf iStick 50w electronic cigarette. Everything was fine until I noticed it would not charge up all the way.

I tried over the next 7 days to charge in in various ways, for various long amounts of time. No luck. Will not charge passed 2/3 full. That is unacceptable obviously. I am very upset because Flawless Vape Shop sold me this device for $80.

The leading online retailer for this same product, sells it for $27.99. Same product. And I probably wouldn't have got a defective one from them. At Flawless Vape Shop in Anaheim Hills, CA, I got a broken one.

My first trip in, the teenager behind the register, who is on his phone talking to his friend, courteously hangs up his call to help me out. I tell him everything thats wrong, he calls his manager.

For some reason the kid puts the call on speaker phone so I am able to hear the way his manager is talking about me. Telling him to not do the return and make sure I have done everything to make sure it is broken. I announce to him hey bub, I can hear you and you're on speaker phone. And I told him the only thing I haven't done is charge this for 24 hours, and the kid told me not to even try because it will jack up the battery. But the manager said to do it. I said no, but they would not do the return without the manager, who is never there. And nobody even knows who the manager even is.

I go back again, same problem, no manager, not to mention I have no receipt because they consistently offer to throw your receipt in the trash. Should I throw out your receipt or do you want it? Thats what they say to the customers, and then try to bamboozle them when you don't have one. Are you sure you got it here? I happen to have a credit card statement and can break down what I bought to the penny.

I gave up.

No manager on site ever. The one time they managed by phone, I got sent home empty handed.

This shop is ruining the community. Price gouging on a whole new level of price gouging. You guys need to realize that there are people who shop here who are also in the industry, just trying to support local shops. You guys run your shop in a way that ignites rage in my heart, and I am going to partner up with a local shop and get a vape counter going in their business. It is going to sell everything you guys sell at a price that you cannot beat. You guys will not be able to operate in Anaheim Hills. We will send in spies, and we will buy every single hardware product you guys sell, and practically give it away. We don't want you here.

I want my refund.

Give me a new device and I will consider taking this down and minding my own business. But when the manager doesn't call, and tries every way to not accept a return because they're too d**n lazy to return it to the manufacturer themselves, it makes people very unhappy. I have a device I could've got for $27.99, paid $80, doesn't work properly and can't return it.

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