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FJR Advisors, Inc.

Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 5930 Royal Ln E-363
Phone (949) 295-6656

FJR Advisors, Inc. Reviews

  • Mar 5, 2018

The letter below gives a good overview of this company and man. I have sent many emails to him as well as his supposed support system. I have been writing to them sennce he took my money with n responce... Ever.

He did not deliver what i paid him for and i have tried a number of ways to reach out to him. I have emailed them many times, i have put in support tickets to his make believe support system, i have called with the phnoe numbers he has listed. These phnone numbers are not able to answer your calls or they are a google voice number taht is not answered.

I have post on his facebook page, twitter page and linkedin page to reach outto him, again no responce! this guy will take yur money and not look back.

Here are some of the honest and true posts i have made to him...

Warning!!! - do not buy anything from frank rumbauskas he doe's not respond to any inquiry to him or support... A big rip off warning!!!

Frank rumbauskas - refund my money or your reputation could be posted all over the net believe me... Your reputation is everything... Soooo i have just got started... There are tons of sites to post to!!!

Go to this site.. There are many more complaints also about this guy many were charged for products they never ordered...

Frank r. Send me my refund...Here's my next stop bbb serving north central texas - better business bureau - i'm just getting started - is your reputation important send my refund!

Bill @bluzzo how important is your reputation? I have plenty of time to post. I'm retired. There are many sites - i just got started - send me my refund - think about how much my posts will cost you??? See your fb page...

Hey frank... Heres my next stop... The u.S. Federal trade commission complaint assistant filing a complaint against an online vendor. I'm just get started - refund my money - your reputation is important!!!

Hey frank... Send me my refund... Here's my next stop bbb serving north central texas - better business bureau - i'm just getting started - is your reputation important/ send me my refund! there are tons of sites - i got time

Hey frank... The federal trade commission would sure like to know how your customers are treated. You have tons of complaints on the net - i'll just point them there -send me a refund i'm just getting started! i have time!

Frank, here's a site who would love to see what you are doing to customers. Https://www.Usa.Gov/consumer-complaints - this site is looking for vendors like you. Now i'm down to 142 sites left to post you on - i got time - send me a refund...

Frank, here's another great consumer site a consumer protection site where people can find online business reviews, kept track of the complaints they received - i'm down to 141 sites and i just got started - send me my refund!

Hey frank, here's one of you local tv stations in you area. Https:// how would you like to be on tv??? That will put a big dent in your local area and every where else. How important is your reputation? Believe me 140 sites to go

Frank, here's a organization that would love to post my complaint. Https://www.Aarp.Org/money/scams-fraud/info-2018/millennial-scams-fd.Html?Intcmp=ae-hp-ttn-r2-pos3-realposs-today as a senior & member myself of aarp. They have hundreds of thousands that would love to here about you. My refund please!

Frank, here's a good one - are you breaking the law??? People pay you and you don"t deliver what was paid for, not good frank - opps i'm down to 139 more sites to talk about you - my refund frank

Here's a really good one... Frank https://www.Texasattorneygeneral.Gov/cpd/consumer-protection i'm sure they would be interested how you took my money and now you can't be reached. You got my money - i got nothing from you - that's not good frank - my refund

Here's a really big one frank, https://www.Usa.Gov/consumer-complaints they have to power to shunt you down for what you did to me. I would suggest you refund my money or if not you could lose a bunch of $$$ - i'm just getting started on posting

Everthing about this man is fake. Below is the last letter to him...

Letter... Purchase of linkedin lead machine 2.0 - 14th request

Frank & support,

I purchased your course linkedin lead machine 2.0 on the 2-27-18 See attached visa receipt). I have emailed you a number of times and put in 3 support tickets and got no response from you or your support team. I had to submit 3 support tickets because your fake support system will not allow me to register with your support system.

Your supposed support when i click on the pre-canned emails you send me is a purchased support service. It ask me to buy that service that you have. None of the links you send me go to your support people. I’m not sure if you have any.You have been paid $49.00 for the above course mentioned and you have not delivered it to me as promised by you. I will have to call my bank that paid you and file a complaint and start a chargeback and file a complaint against you and your company if i have not heard from you by tomorrow 3-6-18. You have giving me no other choice!!!

This is your last chance to make things right and send me the login details to get in to the member’s course area for linkedin lead machine 2.0 that i already paid you for over one week ago when you promised in your thank you page i would get those details within 15 minutes, not one week later or never.

I don’t like being ripped off.

Do the right thing frank before i have to take legal steps to have you remove from the internet Believe me my word is my bond) and stop you from hurting and ripping people off for your gain.

William luzzo

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