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Five Star Store It

Country United States
State Ohio
City Cleveland Heights
Address 3612 Shannon Rd.

Five Star Store It Reviews

  • Jun 15, 2017

After losing a job to the doors closing, I had to move out. I used 5 star as referred through an internet broker. The reviews seemed ok and it was close by. Still recovering from job loss, I became delinquent. I tried to make payments but they would not accept them. They refused to answer questions I had about the process of delinquency until I have up and attempted to deal with the corporate office. The district manager was combative and also refused to answer my questions. I spoke with th DM on the email thread regarding the attachment that was my statement of lien. We discussed this lien on may 11, where in said lien stated auction date of June 27. I go to pay my bill in full on june 9, and they inform me that my unit went up for auction on may 21st. I accused them of dishonest business and they informed me they send those lien notices out even after it's too late. So my issue is this: Any reasonable person would assume the latest statement sent, is current and valid. And having a conversation with someone, (a customer trying to make arrangements to pay his debt, who made it very clear he intended to save his family's heirlooms and kid's belongings) a week before you plan to sell and conveniently leaving out important details, details that were specifically asked for, goes in the category of theft. This company has a lawsuit on its hands now, as I am looking for a strong aggressive attorney.

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