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Fitbit, Inc.

Country United States
State California
City San Francisco
Address 405 Howard Street Suite 550
Phone 415-513-1000

Fitbit, Inc. Reviews

  • Oct 14, 2020

I ordered a dongle to pair their Charge 2 watch to my PC. The order was placed on 10/1/20 with a 5 to 7-day shipping window. I called the company on 10/14/20 to ask the status and they told me it had not shipped yet. The company was very quick to charge my account for the order but now they have my money and I have nothing. The watch doesn't pair with very many devices so it is not worth anything to me as I can keep no record of my training. Do not buy Fitbit!

  • Mar 7, 2020

After filing a report on a damaged 2 year old Charge 3 tracker, I was offered a 40% discount on a Versa Lite smartwatch. I searched the site for the ideal Versa Lite and settled on one. Upon check-out, I noticed that the 40% discount didn't apply as promised.

I reached out to FitBit customer service to see if I could get this issue addressed. The customer service agent informed me that this discount was only applicable to a certain color of Versa Lite. I told the agent that the email outlining my discounts made no mention of a color restriction and asked if they could honor the discount on other colors. At that point, the customer service agent became very obstinate and refused to rectify this mistake.

As someone who spent a majority of their adult working life in retail or food service, I was appalled by the lack of empathy and manners in this customer service agent.

FitBit needs to drastically overhaul their customer service department, because I feel like I was screwed over by them.

  • Feb 18, 2020

Early in January this year, I purchased a Fitbit Ionic through an Australian reseller on Ebay. The unit came in an sealed, unopened box and connected immediately to my Fitbit app: so the product was genuine.

However, the GPS on this expensive device did not work. It remained stuck on "searching" mode. In early February, I returned from Australia to my permanent residence in Prague, the Czech Republic. The GPS didn't work in Europe, either.

I explained the problem to Fitbit Support. They instructed me to do a factory reset - pressing the three buttons on the device. When I did this, the device stopped working entirely. It now just displays a message: "Data not cleared - Sync and try again." I cannot get the device to either sync or start again.

After giving me this disastrous advice, Fitbit Support then asked me from whom had I purchased the device. I gave them the name and address of the company, which operated through Ebay from an address in Melbourne, Australia. They then informed me that because this wasn't an "authorised reseller," I didn't have a valid warranty.

I have been corresponding with them for the past week but basically they refuse to do anything about it - save sending oleaginous expressions of sympathy and assurances that they "value me as a customer."

The most important points I'd like to emphasise here are:

1. I purchased the device new and in a sealed box. It connected immediately to their app and it's definitely their product.

2. Until I followed to the letter the advice their "support" unit gave me - doing a factory reset - the device worked very well, save for the problem with GPS. Now it doesn't work at all. So it's the responsibility of their support team that I have a totally non-functional watch.

I would also like to add that it is clear from the huge number of complaints about the "flagship" Ionic (especially about the non-functional GPS and about its propensity to stop working, usually a suspiciously short time after the warranty expires) that Fitbit knew that the Ionic was a very poor device, subject to serious failures and breakdowns. But they choose to sell it anyway - and then to hide behind the fine print of their warranty to avoid their corporate responsibility.

I want a refund from this company.

  • Jan 30, 2019

Called several times and did live chat. error 24. This junk will not sync and all help is overseas. Can’t speak English. No help. No contact from anyone on fixing the issue.

Sad fitbit was the best. Sold out to desert sand. Don’t buy their junk. No help anymore and overpriced.

  • Oct 6, 2017

Purchased 2 Fitbit Zip activity trackers in last 9 months the battery gets drained within a few hours of set up. Contacted Support and got one replacement Zip. It lasted only 3 hours after I synced it.

Fitbit support admitted that there is a problem with the App that is used to sync the Zip. Their engineers are working on it.

Won't give me a refund on the first 2 Zip purchased. Told me there is one year warranty. Go back to the store where purchased and try to return it there.

They admit that they continue to sell the defective product without a repair.

  • Dec 26, 2016

I bought a Fitbit Charge HR after I had Back surgery to help me with my Rehab and keep track of my miles walking.

It worked great and i was really happy with it. Then last week I got a notice that it needed to be updated. So i updated it.

I started having alot of problems the next day. It would not stayed charged and would not track my miles or steps and would only work half the time when i pushed the button. I emailed fitbit and told them what it was doing. Thet said my tracker is defective and keeps rebooting and it defective. It worked great til they did there updates. They told me that my warrenty was no good and all they could do is give me 25% off a new one. Why would i want a new one then they do more updates to make me buy another one? I could see if i did somthing to break it but they broke it by doing there updated when hey have a new model come out. So this is how they sell more trackers by causing the old ones to crash, I really need them to replace it with a working one asap. Thanks

  • Oct 5, 2016

I received a Fitbit Flex as a gift in 2014. I used it for awhile (about 2-3 months), then stopped. Recently, I wanted to start using it but as luck would have it, my barely used Fitbit won't hold a charge. I went online and found that this is a common problem. Well, great.

So I called Fitbit's customer support team and spoke to a poorly trained rep who had nothing to offer in assistance except a 25% discount on a new one. a consumer, why would I want to purchase a new Fitbit when I've been totally disappointed with this one? And why wouldn't Fitbit want to "make good" on their product, given that this has been a problem that is well documented online and on social media? Sounds like bad customer relations to me.

And since Fitbit can track all of my activity through my account with them, they know exactly how much and how little this Flex Tracker has been used. Sadly, a Fitbit is worthless if the battery won't hold a charge. Shameful.

  • Oct 3, 2016

Well, I have been a Fitbit fan for over a year and half, loved the product however after a year and a half or using the product and regular updates my Fitbit got stuck in the firmware update position.

After numerous international calls (I live in South Africa) to the help line (South African agents referred me to the head office) they say there is nothing they can do but offer me a 25% discount on a new product as the product is out of warranty

I find this completely unacceptable and disgusted that they do not take responsibility for their products. I can understand if it was wear and tear or other issues, but the failure is a direct result of their update that they pushed to my watch. I would like to ask if there are any people in the same situation or similar, as I will simply not rest on this matter.

Please could you respond to this forum or email on [email protected]

I do expect that this post will be removed by Fitbit, as they do not stand by their product

I would like to understand how many other people have the same or similar issues.

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