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Country United States
State Minnesota
City Eden Prairie
Address 6509 Flying Cloud Drive
Phone 952-656-3700

Fingerhut Reviews

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  • May 20, 2019

All 3 credit agencies alerted me by text a new account on my credit profile. Contacted Fingerhut; they refused to cancel; spoke to supervisor refused to cancel until fraud report (60) days completed.

It wasn't until I quoted Federal banking and credit law that they agreed to immediately close and file report with credit agencies! This company is horrendous and obstructive.

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  • Jul 25, 2017

Fingerhut gave Safeline permission to steal money from me.

They allowed Safeline to charge me for three years for a service I never signed up for.

This has let Fingerhut to overextend my credit and add unfounded charges to my account, including sending me emails saying I had money in my account when I was already over my limit.

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  • Aug 3, 2016

I filed for bankruptcy due to post-divorce debt I was stuck with, without help from the ex. Post-bankruptcy it is hard to get any credit, so all these prowler companies swoop in and offer you credit. I took a lot of the offers in order to raise my credit back to normal numbers.

I made the mistake of accepting Fingerhut's offer. At first it was fine. I had a small limit of $300 iirc. I maxed it out, then paid it off quickly. They raised it to, I think $1000, or something close to that. I did not use them for a couple of months, then the gf needed a PC, so I looked at Fingerhut. I bought her a PC. I will just note in caps here, IT WAS $200+ MORE THAN ANY OTHER WEBSITE I LOOKED AT! I didn't have the cash on hand to buy an $700 PC (worth $300-400 at normal stores) so I used Fingerhut. I mean, to build credit you have to have credit, and you have to use that credit to raise your scores. I bought the PC, and it came after a week or more (aka slow shipping in 2016). Shipping was $26 and tax was 50+, so it came out to $767 for a $300-400 PC. Before making the purchase I pleaded with Fingerhut to discount this insanely overpriced PC, but they absolutely refused.

We got the PC. I didn't open it for a little while, because the gf was in a rush to use it until we got it, so it sat in its box for a little while.

When I took the PC out, it was dented SO bad that a screw had come out of the side door. That is a pretty bad dent! The back top edge was almost dented so bad it was bent backwards touching the side door. Then, it had/has a window to view the inside of the PC. Well this window had a scratch from corner to corner (diagonally) defeating the purpose of the window. I am a PC tech, so I know that PC components are considered to be very fragile and sensitive. I was NOT going to keep this PC in the condition it was in.

I incurred 1-2 payments on my account while I had the PC. This was due to keeping it in the box initially, and then being an adult, aka too busy to deal with this terrible company.

I finally got in contact with Fingerhut via chat, and the rep was not bad. He informed me it was too late for a return, so I discussed the condition of the PC and asked if they are ok with selling broken hardware to their customers for much higher than the going price. He eventually got he OK to let me return the PC after the 15 or 30 day policy.

I sent it back. I then started receiving phone calls and letters in the mail regarding my late payments and interest charges racking up. I called and discussed this with a very rude customer service rep. She refused to work with me other than demanding I pay $100+ late fees, and interest charges. I then asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor was twice as rude as the tier 1 rep. I think they promote based on the ability to treat customers like trash. Anyways, she refused to work with me also. She also told me she will not accept the return and that she will send it RIGHT BACK because I didn't return it on time. I told her it had already been returned and authorized for return. She didn't care and still demanded I pay late fees for an account with a $0 balance due to returning their broken, overpriced paper weight.

Now they have sent me to collections and they keep tasking on interest charges and late fees. So I am getting interest charges ON late fees! I am considering hiring an attorney to take them to court over this. They were meant to help me build my credit, not destroy it because they are charging me fees for an item I didn't use, and returned due to it being severely damaged.

I don't mind paying my debts, but I refuse to pay for a returned item, just because time lapsed for a monthly payment. I now owe them around $200 in late fees and interest charges because they absolutely refuse to work with me. I don't think I should be responsible for paying for an item I returned because it was trashed in the mail or before they even packed it. I bet they buy refurbished or damaged products intentionally, then mark them way up (conspiracy theory!).

Anyways, steer clear of Fingerhut. They will do you no favors and only care about the money. All their products are low quality and overpriced. I returned multiple items to them. A lot of the reviews for their products are low due to their products breaking prematurely.

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  • May 23, 2019

After arranging a certain date for my automatic payment to be withdrawn from my bank, monthly, they didn't actually withdraw the payment until after the agreed-upon due date, thus causing my account with them to be charged a late fee and an "insufficient amount" fee. This went on, undetected, for over a year!

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  • Apr 16, 2019

I highly recommend it if you’re considering signing up with this company do not! I just signed on to them because I had a got a Fingerhut account after I did some major life changes 5 years ago.

I’m very diligent about my credit and thats why its good so when my position was removed at my job after using my savings in the meantime I tried to utilize this service that safeline which is account protection. now it’s been four months since I attempted to do so and they have found everywhere reason to lie and say the havent received my information.

Multiple times saying that they did not receive my information however I have tracking on my correspondence so not only can I see that they opened it multiple times but I can see when you did so! I highly encourage everybody to never utilize this company. Fingerhut is a good company I have no problem with them but this subcompany is just a fraud

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  • Apr 11, 2019

I applied for a fingerhut account (through inbox dollars promo) because I wanted a retail credit card to more diversify my credit profile and I KNEW I would be approved as I have excellent credit.

The application process says right in the webpage "Instant Decision" etc. I was taken to a page that said I needed to provide further proof of identification and an email from them as well.

Long story short I had called them a few times speaking with several people telling them I REFUSED to submit a digital copy of my SOCIAL SECURITY CARD! They wanted a utility bill, State issued ID or Birth certificate and a literal copy of my SS Card! Why?

They already had my ss number and I was willing to send them a utility bill, ID etc but not my card. NEVER EVER have I had to submit ANYONE a copy of my card NOR EVER BEEN ASKED! Mortgage, auto loans, credit cards- Never ONCE did they want my ss card yet they REFUSED to go forward with it so I cancelled the application. RED FLAG if you ask me.

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  • Dec 26, 2018

I updated my address with Fingerhut over a year ago. I have received two orders at my new address so my address change was confirmed. I recently placed an order on 12/10/2018. After I placed the order I noticed that they were shipping it to my old address. I contacted them less than 24 hours and told them that they were sending my order to the wrong address. At that time the order was in process it hadn't been filled. They said they could not change the address and could not give me any explanation for why they were sending it to an old address. I spoke with a supervisor and was told that she would cancel the order and refund my credit. She told me in 24hrs I could reorder my products. The credit was applied and I reordered the products. The next day the original order showed it was cancelled. Then the day after that I received an email that the order that supposed to be cancelled was shipped. So now they are charging me for two orders when I only received one. The supervisor assured me that the order was cancelled. Now they are saying that she didn't cancel the order. They refuse to remove the charge from my account. They see that the order was delivered to the wrong address. They have made mistake after mistake with my order and I am being punished for their mistakes. When I speak to a supervisor and told that my order has been cancelled. I expect that I will told the truth. This company is not honest they lied over and over and are charging me double. The customer service representatives are in the Philippines and it is clear that they are reading from manuals. I feel like I have been scammed by this company.

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  • Apr 5, 2021

FingerHut, probably due to a failed electronic billing system, did not email me a billing statement, nor send a payment due reminder for two billing cycles.

I was made aware of this when I received an alert from a credit monitoring service that my credit scores dropped significantly due to the reporting of my delinquent payment to the national Credit Reporting Agencies.

  • Mar 11, 2021

They approved me for credit and then falsely accused me of fraud they shipped my package out and then when I went to check it it said it was being returned to the sender they're making false accusations and they asked me to send them as much information as I could it's like they don't believe I am who I am and I'm getting sick and tired of this I got this from a lot of other places because they know I'm conservative.

it's a discrimination also because I'm disabled they need to let my phone go so that I can get my phone the fraud department is only open on a Monday so they're taking off the whole weekend and so what happens to my purchase all you people who are out there never order from this company ever ever I see how many complaints they have I'm also reporting them to the better Business bureau for doing what they're doing!

  • Jun 22, 2020

Recieved an offer for insurance supplemental from Fingerhut. I signed up not knowing that Fingerhut was a schill for this 3rd party 'partner'.

At some point, upon the receipt of a quartly advanced billing I decided I no longer wanted the service. Thats when I discovered the shill. I paid the bill and contacted the Insurance company to cancell. They said they would do so.

3 months later I recieved another bill from Fingerhut. Called Fingerhut again and was referred back to the Ins. Co. This time I did not pay the advanced billing, but told the company to issue a credit. They said they had 30 days to issue a credit, but would do so in the next 7-10 business days.

I advised Fingerhut of the situation, and was told my account would be noted. It took the Insurance company longer than 30 days to apply the credit. So long in fact that Fingerhut, notwithstanding the fact that they had be advised of the forthcoming advance payment credit, chose to apply a late fee to my account and then report my account delinquent to the Credit bureaus.

All contacts and complaints to Fingerhut have been useless. Their 'Customer service' simply says there is nothing they are willing to do to 'fix' their own reporting error. Repeated calles to corporate go unanswered.

Fingerhut and their representatives failed to meet their own service requirements, and because of their own failure, my credit is now negatively impacted.

  • Apr 9, 2020

Fingerhut tells us our Credit Score is important. you and they are right, CREDIT SCORE IS IMPORTANT. So why do they intentionally tryi to hurt the scores of their good customers? I have NEVER been late on a payment and have received SEVERAL Credit Line Increases. NOW I get a "Temporary" FAKE $800.00 Credit Line Increase which WILL be reported to all Three Credit Reporting Agencies and INCREASE my Credit FICO by approximately 20 points.

Then see that Credit Line DECREASE to my present line in 3 months. Be Reported to All Three Credit Agencies Again and see a 30 point DECREASE in my FICO. In other words they are telling me I MUST OVERSPEND by $800.00 and not use my Credit responsibly OR they will (1) cost me 10 points on my FICO Score Long Term, OR (2) Remove me from receiving any future REAL Credit Line Increases. That per thier Supervisor, (after the original person gave up) and giving me only his first name PAUL and badge #154, of 6250 Ridgewood RD, St Coud, MN 56303.

He basically said Fingerhut could care less what you do in regard to Consumer Credit. I asked him if he would accept these terms on any of his accounts with ANY company. And he said he would need to read their Terms and Conditions. Good dodge so I asked him where in the Terms and Conditions for Fingerhut these FAKE increases appear? And where it says Fingerhut is allowed to impose them? He said, "well it doesn't actually say that." Ya think?? Of course it doesn't. So again, WHY do they want to HURT the Credit of their Best Customers? You know, the ones that pay ontime each and every month Why hurt the Credit of the Customers that PAY On Time? And why force customers to either hurt themselves Short term financially OR Limit themselves Longterm? Paul sure didn't know, and I'll add DIDN'T CARE. But maybe someone with their group will!!

  • Feb 15, 2020

Cfpb referred to fdic . still waiting for webbank/fingerhut to remove charge off from 3 credit bureaus lender. they sold it to has closed account and stopped all collection efforts futile attempts to get them to remove "charge off" derogatory report lender.

they sold account to is no longer reporting to bureaus charge off category is gravely preventing/affecting my obtaining credit and increasing my credit scores with the three credit bureaus and having a better life.

  • Jan 29, 2020

I was conned by this company and now my credit is going to suffer for it. FTC nor BBB will do anything about it. I was told I could postdate a payment then they never processed nor posted any notes regarding the conversation and completely ignored the elements of my complaint with headquarters and BBB.

I was promised an investigation that never happened. They claimed in my BBB complaint that they listened to the conversation then turned around and said they have no records of the conversation and still BBB did nothing. I refuse to pay these con artists.

I should have known better because they scammed my parents and charged them for stuff they never ordered and double billed them for stuff they did. This company needs to be shut down IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

  • Dec 30, 2019

I am client from Fingerhut I made an order online on the 11/28/2019 for a Samsung Television The delivered was schedule for the 12/12/2019. I took the day off to make sure I was home for the delivered Until today I have not received the television.

Fingerhut refuse to refund the money back to my account and require by the 1/2/2019 for the payment of $103.00 I have try over and over again contact the shipping they have used they put me on hold for hours and when someone answer they have no idea where the shipment is.

The shipping account is from Pilot shipping track 089152122 Fingerhut accounts 2707629445 I am really flustered because the shipping company Fingerhut refuse to give me any answer about the situation I have send 5 letters to the Fingerhut requesting them to start investigation about my product.

they refuse to do so they want me to wait 90 day before at the same time they want me to do the minimum payments for the television if i refuse to do that will hurt my credit score i really need this to be resolved Asap I already have lost lots of point because the purchased was over $2000.00 dollar that already drop my credit score because i use the credit to by the television.

I am extremely upset that I can’t get any answer from Pilot or Fingerhut and this is getting me worried Please help this resolved this matterBusiness Name: Bluestem Brands, Inc.Address: Saint Cloud, MN 56303Phone: (952) 656-370

  • Jun 3, 2018

I opened an account with Fingerhut in 2011. Worst credit mistake I ever made. Their products are cheap and over priced. I have nothing left of the merchandies I bought to show for how much I have paid them. I lost my job and income in 2014 and was unable to make payments. They immediately sued me. I guess since I was not working they didn't harass me for awhile, but then I started working again and took the iniative to pay off this old debt. I started making montly payments to them and was looking forward to finally getting them paid off. They sued me again for the whole amount at once, after their custoemr service reps done told me to make payments until I got it paid off. They sued me for more than I owe. They did not take into account my payments from 2017 and 2018. So now I am being sued for the wrong amount and I am unemployed again. The chance of me getting a decent job with a garnishment hanging over my head is zilch. Who the heck wants to hire somebody who will have a legal judgment against them that will require the payroll department to deal with a garnishment?

My advice to anybody thinking about opening a Fingerhut account is DON'T DO IT!!!!! Their products are not good quality, especially their electronics and they are way over priced. If you think you can grow your credit history this way you will be disappointed. All Fingerhut credit ever did was make my score go down and now I have a lawsuit to deal with, and it is on my background checks for employers and credit.

Just buy stuff with cash and grow your creidt another way. Get regular major credit cards. Don't get online or catalog credit from these unethical low down companies. They are too sue happy and they don't stand by their agreements regarding payment arrangements. They will cause you more stress and hardship than any of their cheap products are worth. I wish so bad I could go back in time and NOT open an account with them. I now have to go to court and pay for court filings and fees for notarys and all that crap. BEWARE OF FINGERHUT and WEBBANK!!!! It is not worth your credit and your money and your time.

  • Mar 13, 2018

I have wrote several letters and called for supervisor no one pks up my phone calls!!!now i am sending Brian smith CEO a personal letter, fingerhut has not been good customer service i will not order anymore and will tell others to not also am contacting bbb about your company they call me all the time aying payment is late when i opened my account it waqs set up for the 15th of the month i get pd the 2nd wed. of the month rep i talked to said their is 5 day grace period !!they hit me every month with intest and late fees this is not right!!!I bought alot of stuff so has my hubby but we r thru with your company!!!Please watch 4 your letter!!viola l. heimes, 1010 willow lane, yankton, s.d.57078 also reps that answer do not speak very good english please employ english speaking people as they need jobs too!!I don't know how your company stays in business !!!

  • Dec 13, 2017

I started to use this website to purchase Christmas gifts. On the days of payment I will receive several calls from this company to collect money. This will continuously go on until all debt is paid

  • Nov 29, 2017

I order some few things from fingerhut they offered me $230.00 they want me to make a $30.00 down payment before they can ship my items that is pretty dumb and stupid when they offered me the credit line of $230.00 they need to ship my items before christmas at their expense not mine and waive that $30.00 fee

  • Oct 26, 2017

On July 19, 2017 I filed a police report due to identity theft/fraud. There were a total of 7 accounts opened in my name without my knowledge or consent, one of the accounts in question was for Fingerhut. In following the procedure to report this directly with all the creditors, all accounts but this one has been resolved. I am being told that since the account was opened with my information (name, address etc) this had to be my account and I would be held liable.

I have gone as far as to have the representative from Fingerhut speak directly with the police officer and still no resolution. With all that has taken place I am left with no other option but to report the unfair practices of this company and how I'm being told I am responsible for paying this bill that had absolutely nothing to do with me. Any assistance with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

  • Oct 11, 2017

In June 2017, I received a diagnoses of Breast Cancer where the medical costs created a financial hardship. I was making my payment but they were after my due date. I would call to provide reason for the late payment without any issues. In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey came into Houston which caused a lot of damage to my property. Since my insurance did not cover everything, I was left with a large amount so I could live in my home. I called again and the rep presented 2 options for me which is $114.00 for 3 months and $71.00 for 9 months and I selected the 71.00 per month with the first payment on October 2 2017. On October 10, 2017, I received a credit alert stating Finger Hut reported the account closed on 10/02/17 with 60 days past due. I was transferred 4 times with the last agent name Reign (Billing) and was told even though I make a 71.00 payment per month the account will still be reported as delinquent. So it does not make sense to get the program if they're going to report the account past due then state the account is current at the end of the 9 months program. I asked for a supervisor then placed on hold for 10 minutes where someone pick up the phone and held it for another 15 mins without saying anything. I've called all the other creditors where they immediately allowed me to make the next payment November 2017. Finger Hut provided options, set them up then reported to the credit bureau it was delinquent. I told Reign it makes sense to set up the program if Finger Hut was going to damage the customer credit with arrangement. The arrangement wasn't explained in a manner that would allow me to make an informed decision. If my past due amount would still affect my credit report , I would have done better to leave it as it was and make the same payment myself.

  • Aug 4, 2017

Someone order a cell phone from fingerhut in my name. i sent them proof that I didn't live at the address it was sent to. and that i have lived in my current address for 3 yrs. but they refuse to take it off (i've never had and would never want an fingerhut account, as there product are very cheap) and now there is a$400 dollar charge on my credit report

  • Jun 17, 2017

Placed an order on 6/01/17 with Fingerhut online. Was given an order and tracking# with a delivery date of 06/15/17. Toook the day off to wait for delivery and when I contacted Fingerhut, the order can not be found and the order was never sent to shipping meantime I have a bill of $479.98!

  • Jun 16, 2017

I AM SO DISGUSTED WITH FINGERHUT!!!I have contacted two news companies here to tell them about this experience I have been trying to contact them for a year to return a broken item I was told several times they sent a label but I never received these fake labels they created.

I asked to get the label by email and I was told NO. I wasted my time contacting the CEO and he got a rep to call me for nothing. The supervisor advised I could send this back and now they don't want to commit to it. This experience has made me ill and it is messing with me.

I can't sleep and I am barely eating because this has sickened me so much. I should not have to pay for something I can't use and something I received broken.

They are trying to say I shouldve sent in a stop billing but why when I called.This is Crap!!

  • Jun 5, 2017

I am curious as to why my 5/13/17 statement shows a 'Late Fee' of $20.99 when by this date I have paid more than enough to cover 4 months of payments. I called and emailed Fingerhut and received only rude people, no direct answer to my question, and am always referred to the website, which does nothing but back up MY claim ! I'm sorry, this is so confusing to me too, but in an effort to let people know their unfair practices? Here goes:

FIRST Purchase: 2/21/17 amount $656.55 received items, chair was broken in the box, so I returned it.

Statement Date 3/13/17: payment $46.99 due 4/9/17. By this date, I had paid 100.00 and they had received my returned chair, credit $269.99 - both shown received by them on 3/15/17. Return credit + payments received equals $369.99. Fine. The $100 payment received on 3/15/17 should have covered payments due April 9 AND May 9 total of $67.98. NOT COUNTING the return credit of $269.99 !!

I sent $40 more to try and pre-pay my payment due 5/9/17, which they received on 4/12/17. Fine. I'm caught up. I think. As OTHER FAIR creditors practice, this payment plus this return should make my May 9, 2017, payment = $0.00

Statement Date: 4/13/17 payment $20.99 due 5/9/17. Balance $251.77.

Payments I have made+credits acknowledged BY FINGERHUT/WebBank ALL by 4/12/17= $409.99

Statement Date: 5/13/17 payment $67.98 due 6/9/17. Balance $667.00 as I had ordered another chair.

5/15/17 they received payment from me of $30.00. I sent $70 which they received 5/30/17.

ALSO THE 5/13/17 STATEMENT SHOWS $20.99 LATE FEE which was the amount due for 4/9/17 ! Why?

Payments expected by 4/9/17 = $67.98. Payments I made - credited by THEM by 4/9/17 = $100.00.

The $40 they received on 4/12/17 - after the 4/9/17 due date - but before the 5/9/17 due date? DID NOT COUNT towards my payment due for 5/9/17 !! WHY NOT? I called them and asked, "Can we not pay our payments early?" The answer? "No, you can pay your account down, but these early payments will not apply towards your monthly payments."

  • May 26, 2017

I have been a customer with Fingerhut for a year and they love to increase your credit when you are a in time paying individual. I returned an item in October 2016 and Fingerhut did not credit my account. I have made payments on time and sometimes just paying the item off completely but Fingerhut will not credit account . I called to speak with cs in numerous occasions and no one ever knows what I am talking about. The last conversation I had with Fingerhut customer service was May 8th 2017and the rep insisted on telling me that my due date is the 7th of each month yes but I should pay it on the 6th because if I pay it on the 7th it is late! I pay my bills on the evening before due date or the morning of due date so that excuse did not make sense!! My money is not being credited to my account !! This company is a rip off!! I am seeking help with a lawyer or class action . I did not realize that this was happening until I checked my credit available one day and realized it has not changed for 7 months.

  • Apr 27, 2017

I had an account with Fingerhut for years buying often, paying on time and never missed a payment.

Unfortuneatley a couple of years ago I declared bankruptcy, but Fingerhut was not included since I owed nothing. Now when I log on to my account it says "KARL, thanks for being a Fingerhut customer! Don't forget, you have $1300.00"

But when I try to buy anything I am denied the purchase. After calling customer service I was told due to the bankruptcy I would now have to pay cash for any purchase, and previous history did not matter. Also the line about my available credit could not be removed.

Why would I want to pay cash, when it is well known that Fingerhut products are at least 50 percent more expensive than in general at other outlets. Most people start buying there to establish credit and get items they need.

The main thing is they are not appreciative of customers, and if you do shop there I would bet your credit is in the toilet.

  • Feb 1, 2017

I use automatic bill pay with fingerhut. Today they charged me 200 dollars over the minimum payment due. When I contacted them I had to speak to a guy that couldn't hardly speak English. I tried explaining to him what had happened but he just kept trying to divert my attention and exp,ain't that I had been charged because I was late. How do you get charged a late fee when it is automatically deducted? After spending time with this guy for over an hour I asked for a supervisor, he put me on hold and came back with no supervisor. This is not the first conversation my family has had with this company. It always seems li,email there is no one that wants to help you, just a bunch of idiots in one room. My wife order something for my kids in December. They shipped the wrong product and when she asked them for a refund or the correct product they told her she would have to pay 20 dollars to ship the product back and 20 more to receive the correct product,WTF? Bottom line is that they are a bunch of con artists that will steal from you and you will never see your money. I will never be purchasing from them again.

  • Dec 24, 2016

Fingerhut guaranteed delivery my items by Christmas. I received an emailike on December 21st saying Good news your packages have been shipped and will arrive on December 28th. These are my sons gifts from santa. Without them he has boxers and a pack of pokemon cards from Santa. I can't afford to buy anything else. I am a single mom. I adopted my son from foster care. We have no family. When I called fingerhut they offered me a $10 credit for nearly a $250 order. My son is going to wake up heartbroken

  • Dec 16, 2016

I purchased a 40" LED SAMSUNG, 3D Television for Fingerhut on November 15, 2013.

Immediately the TV began turning on and off by itself.

I called Fingerhut to return the telelvision. I was told by an EXTREMELY RUDE phone representative "It is not fingerhut's problem, you must contact the manufacturer", she then hung up on me.

I called and emailed NUMEROUS times. I got absolutely nowhere with the Fingerhut representatives. They refused to let me speak with a supervisor, they hang up on me and they are completely unwilling to assist me. It is a complete nightmare when dealing with Fingerhut.

In December 2013 - I spoke with Kyle ID # MADRILEJO - He stated I was no longer within the 30 Day Home Trial period and there was nothing he could do. Again, he refused to let me speak with a supervisor and claimed he was unable to transfer my call or provide me with additional phone numbers to contact Customer Service.

Again, I emailed several times and I left a negative product rating through the Fingerhut website. I received no reposnse to the numerous emails, but Fingerhut removed my negative rating from their webiste. Fingerhut is misleading consumers by removing negative ratings and displaying only the positive.

I finally decided to contact Samsung, the manufacturer of the TV.

Samsung arranged for a company to come to my home to repair the television. The repairman replaced the defective part twice (the first part blew as soon as it was inserted). The "band-aid" repair held for less than a week. Again, the TV was on and on, on and off.

I called Samsung and their ECR Representative told me "YOUR TV IS OLD & OUTDATED". i would have to go through another repair, once I prove the TV is still under warranty.

At this point, I stopped making payments to Fingerhut. They sold me an OLD, OUTDATED, DEFECTIVE TV.

Well, It didn't take long for the harrassing, collection phone calls from Fingerhut to start. They want their money, but still unwilling to take the TV back. They reported my account to the credit agencies as default, which brought my credit score down.

I started to threaten Fingerhut and Samsung with a lawsuit, BBB, Consumer Protection, anything I could rattle off to make someone listen. The TV came with a 1 year warranty that guranteed against defect....I wanted it replaced.

Finally, 7 months into this ordeal, Samsung has agreed to exchange the TV. This should happen within the next 7 -10 business days.

BACK TO FINGERHUT - I called Fingerhut today (June 30, 2014). I explained that Samsung has agreed to exchange the TV and I would be willling to make my monthly payments, If fingerhut removed the late fees and updated my credit report. I was told " you pay the late fees $260.00 now and fingerhut will reimburse you and update your credit report" . REALLY? I asked him to send the infomation to me in an email, which he refused to do, so I asked him to remove the late fees first, which he refused to do. After going several rounds with this person, he stated he was not authorized to remove the late fees or update the credit report. Why did he tell me he would????? OMG - SO NTENTIONALLY DECEPTIVE!!!

Again, I asked for a supervisor and again I was not allowed to speak with one. I asked to be transferred to someone that could assist me and again, he refused.

I called Fingerhut back 6 times today, I have spoken with Sarah, Kerriann, Kim, Stephanie, Samuel and Ellis. All of these representatives were unwilling to assist, unable to help, unwilling to connect me with a supervisor, unable to provide me with additional phone numbers and so on.

This has cuased me a great deal of anxiety & stress, it has ruined my credit, which has affected me finaccially, and it has cost me countless hours.

I would be more than willing to speak with ANYONE that could assist with getting this Fingerhut issue resolve.

  • Dec 15, 2016

I was setup for autopay with fingerhut since I began with them and then a year into it they started double dipping into my checking account, instead of the min payment I had setup they doubled it.I immediately called them and they said 'oh it must have been a system error' yeah whatever - then they said I didn't owe them for a month and then they reported me delinquent on my account to the credit bureaus.

I have worked hard and been very diligent with all my payments trying to rebuild credit. I had built back up to a 640 credit score. Then they reported me due to their erro to my bureaus and it tanked me 75 pts... I can no longer buy a home for my family due to Fingerhut.

I have reported them to the CFPB and every blog I can find. I am a single mom, I can't afford an attorney. Please avoid Fingerhut at all costs. In my personal opinion they are predators and will ***.

If you decide to go with them anyway, do not setup autopay. In my opinion, they will steal from you and then ruin your credit. I have called, and called, and called.

Everytime they admit it was their error and they will 'fix it' - nope.They will just ruin you.

  • Dec 13, 2016

After placing an order, I was emailed that my order will be shipped to my old address. I called a minimum of 10 times to talk to a customer service representative, to inform them of this situation and to verify my new address, and each time I spoke to someone, they said they're was nothing they could do about these items going to the wrong address.

I informed them I sold the house, that the items were going to, that they would be receiving the items, and that I will not be paying for these items. They argue that they're is nothing they can do about the items going to the wrong address.

I try contacting someone at corporate, and of course that is a joke in itself. I DO NOT RECOMMEND anyone use this company for anything. I may have to get my attorney involved in order to resolve this issue.

  • Dec 9, 2016

On Aug. 29, 2016 I bought a digital camera from Fingerhut. I was quite happy with the previous experiences I had with them & thought I would have another great buy. Wrong! I also bought an additional 2 year warranty for the same camera.

I recieved it approximately Sept. 10, 2016, but I was away & not able to start using it until the first of October. After 2-3 weeks the camera would not work, would not turn on. I thought it might be the battery & called Fingerhut.

They apologized & told me that they would send another battery within a couple days. After six days & no battery I went to an electronic store & bought another battery to no avail, the camera still did not work.

I called Fingerhut back & spoke with an agent named Chelsea.

I told her the problem & asked her if they could replace this camera. Not once did she say it could not be returned but she said they could, put me on hold & then came back to reply "Oh I am sorry, we no longer have that camera". I told her I had to have a working camera as this is part of my job & she suggested another one that I purchased which was also a Kodak PixPro & a bit more expensive.

She said it was only a couple dollars more when in fact, it was about $40 more. I called back about three days later to find out where it was & was shocked to find out that I was being billed for TWO cameras PLUS 2 - 2 year extended warranties!

She said that I only had a 30 day warranty on the first camera, therefore there was nothing they could do for me & that I would have to contact the manufacturer (Kodak).

When I told her that no one ever told me I only had a 30 day warranty, she stated that it clearly says so in their catalogues but as I told her NEVER have used the catalogues, every purchase has been made online & someone could have told me that ahead of time yet did not.

I did call Kodak & (Louie) told me that Fingerhut was supposed to honor the 1 year warranty & after that Kodak honors the extended warranty. I have called Fingerhut trying to resolve this issue with no luck. I have spoken to supervisors who keep stating nothing can be done & I simply bought two cameras which now total $600.

I am now going to air my frustration with facebook, the media if at all possible & am possibly will be going to court over this... a simple matter that could have been remedied by them honoring their agreement.

Anything that you can do would certainly be appreciated. I will have this resolved with this company, one way or another & have no intentions of doing business with them again.

  • Nov 14, 2016

For a $400 laptop computer it should not be too much for product key and/or disk to repair/recover operating system to be provided. I'm buying a computer = hardware + software. Neither Dell or FingerHut believe in this product. The LIMITED warranty only covers hardware. I cannot believe it. If you OPEN the box neither will accept a return/exchange. They willing and apparently legally peddle garbage. I found a $152 refurnished LAPTOP with DVD for sale at Sears with warranties for 1 year hardware, 1 year software, plus extras -and - it is not even Black Friday. Do yourself a favor do not buy Dell especially not from Fingerhut. The 'business' they practice should be illegal.

  • Sep 27, 2016

I ordered a bookshelf from fingerhut nearly two months ago. Since then I've had over six calls and or emails to customer service as I only received 1/2 of the boxes that contained the necessary pieces for me to assemble the shelf I bought. I was told by the first three representatives that they would make arrangements for me to either be sent a box(as the original box was destroyed in shipping and is not of average size) or be able to send the item back without a box. The last time I spoke to a representative I was told that they would not be sending a box nor would they be accepting the item back loose nor would they be sending the other half of the item. I was forwared to a customer service manager's voicemail and told that I would be given a call back within one business day. It has now been over a week(5 business days) and I still have not been given any sort of suitable resolution. I was told that I could get 10% off the item as a resolution and that was the best they could do for me. It's not right that I'm expected to pay for an item that is not usable and never has been because of a shipping error on their part. I have half a bookshelf and have for about two months now and continue to get the run around.

  • Jul 28, 2016

I purchased a 14k mothers ring from fingerhut back in 2013 when i received the item it was the wrong size i called fingerhut and they said because it was the fresh start program i could not return the item so i was mad and took it to a local jeweler and they told me the ring was fake worth about 90 cents so of course i was angry i called them back and they said there is nothing i can do i have been fighting with them for years they continue to sell my debt to other collections agency and my credit has been affected horrible by this i have called head quartes and they just hang up on im thinking about sueing them.

  • Jun 7, 2016

Fingerhut is a company that definitely qualifies as a rip-off.

Bought a laptop computer in December 2015. It was a little bit overpriced, but only a few months later did I discover it was massively overpriced, but to late to return it. The computer is fine, but Fingerhut is awful. They set up your payments so they can suck up as much interest from you as possible. My payments started at $29.99, dropped to $23.99 and now at $20.99. It could be years before it's paid off if I stuck with their schedule, but they'd make plenty on the interest charges.

Set it up as an automatic withdrawal from my bank, which they won't allow me to change. Thankfully I caught onto their scam fairly quickly and send in extra money every month, so will be paid off shortly.

Almost fell for it again. With the hot weather season upon us, was looking for a decent window air conditioner. They sent another one of their endless catalogs and found a nice model. $359, which didn't seem bad, until I found the exact same model at Lowe's for $219. Silly me, I did buy a toaster from them. Only $25, but discovered later that shipping/handling added $14 to the total. Should have just gone to Walmart and paid cash.

They not only jack up their prices to ridiculous levels, they charge outrageous interest rates and then lower your payments to keep the interest going as long as possible.

They prey on people with poor credit. I've had some issues, and thought this could help me restore things and boost my credit score. But they're terrible, stay away.

  • Jun 2, 2016

Some issues with accepting payments periodically on the website. they blame you for it.

Filed ch7 a few months ago due to unforseen other creditors being overzealous in trying to collect debts not owed. since then, my voip(anveo) has been slammed like five times a day every day by thier call center. At least once a week they try a new number and the phone briefly rings, maybe once.

this is unlawful and multiple companies are claiming they have consent. ONE CANNT GIVE said consent, it is against fcc and fdcpa regulations to do so. these companies do not care. all they care about is your 'permission' to robocall you repeatedly from a automated computer call center and forward the call to someone inside when you pick up. IF you pick up.

obviously on ONE RING, this is impossible.

They dont care if called in and gave them your attorney info. They continue to slam your phone and try to collect a debt via mail.

  • Apr 29, 2016

I got divorced 2 years ago, during the process i got a bill from fingerhut, i called them to find out what the deal was, i told them i did not have an account nor did i order anything from them. come to find out my soon to be exwife had taken out an account in my name. when we went to court the judge ordered her to pay the bill, i even sent fingerhut court ordered papers saying my exwife was responsible for the bill. that has been two years ago and it is still haunting my credit report. please help me get this off. thank you

  • Jan 23, 2016

Fingerhut is not a bad company. They tend to offer credit to those who might not have the best credit ratings. They send catalogs and email offers to consumers excesively. When one has reached the stated credit limit after making purchases, my experience has been that of receiving excesive email and text messages dranting credit limit increases. Messages are/seem never ending. and read as follows.

Fingerhut: Your Credit Line Increase expires on xx/xx/xxxx in text message on ones' telephone. And Emails which read:

Congratulations on your recent temporary Credit Line increase!

This increase is only temporary and it expires very soon. Hurry and shop before time runs out! To see your available credit, sign in now!

It is my opinion that if one does not make a new purchase within a period stated by Fingerhut, They recind the credit limit increase. When a bank or company grants such an increase on products which are typically obselete and then threatens to take it back if one does not make a purchase by a defined period in time. I think that this is a form of predatory lending which makes one think they are obligated to make a new order, causing them to go deeper in debt than they may be able pay responsibly causing them to be in default. Especially with interest rates as high as 24.90% (V). and late fees of up to $37.00 if you have a late payment. The way I see this is Predatory Lending.

  • Dec 16, 2015

I ordered a slip cover from Fingerhut back in September. I measured my sofa and ordered the appropiate size cover. When I received the item, I immediately noticed it was about 2 feet too short. Not even close to the size stated in the caralog. I returned the item within a couple of days and also reequested a replacement item of the next largest size.

I never received the correct item, and today, Dec. 15th, 2015, I received a call from someone claiming to be Fingerhut, then a debt collector, then a Fingerhut employee. She said I had a balance of over $30 that was owed. When I asked her what the charges were for, she was EXTREMELY rude and would not answer the question. When I persisted, she hung up on me.

I immediately called Fingerhut to verify this. I called the 800 number listed on their website. After several questions, some asked more than once, the agent left the line and a recording started to play, indicating that this call was an attampt to collect a debt. I was already upset at this point, and this just infuriated me. I yelled "hello?" about five times and the agent got back on the line. I again asked what the charges were for, and was told that the charges were for shipping and handling for the incorrect item. I told him that there was no way I was going to pay charges for an item that they either misrepresented in their catalog, or an item that was shipped incorrectly. The agent practically ignored me and told me that interest charges were going to continue to be added to the balance. He gave me no indication that he was worried about an unhappy customer or providing any type of customer service whatsoever.

As far as I know, they purposely send out incorrect items just to make money on charges of this type. Do yourself a favor: stay away from Fingerhut.

  • Dec 11, 2015

I opened a Finger Hut account realizing how easy it was to get because they give anyone credit so they can rip you off at an extremely inflated price. I ordered Funai DVD Recorder/VCR for $280, I found it elsewhere for $150 less (same exact item). When they shipped it to me they made no assurance it wouldnt get damaged and shipped it in it's own box (no packaging what so ever). I returned the item in proper packing so I was charged for what they didnt do originally & I end up paying $50.00 for absolutely nothing, all in just shipping charges. I've closed my account and asked them to refund my credit.

Stoneberry is the way to go, excellect customer service, same products as finger hut, except their fair in pricing you dont feel like your

  • Dec 7, 2015

Fingerhut sends out a mass email campaign around 2015 Holiday time. It reads.... 15% OFF SITEWIDE.

So, I go look through laptop computers as mine is old and may break down soon, so I want an upgrade. I fill out all the necessay places attempting to buy a 17" Dell Laptop with Windows 10 for arounf $570.00 and then add the final part...the online promo word to get 15% OFF. My promo code is rejected. I call Customer Service and stay on for thity minutes until I finally get someone to assist me. She points out that in the 15% OFF SITEWIDE ad, on the bottom of the ad in small letters is a list of about a dozen items that are exempt from the 15% off. They list computers, camera, tablets and on and on. Where I come from "SITEWIDE" means EVERYTHING the company sells . My contention is it is , AT LEAST, DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING, as you cannot use the "SITEWIDE" word, and then list about a dozen categories that the 15% off will not apply ! At best, what they have is "15% OFF-PARTIAL SITEWIDE"...but definitely not..."SITEWIDE".

Fingerhut is an online business that offers credit mainly to those with poor credit. They jack up the price of things, the laptop I tried to order was almost $200 MORE than any other computer seller and you get to pay it off monthly for, in my case, 19 months at $46.00 per month.

  • Nov 2, 2015

I purchase 10/27/14 a DVD/TV from Fingerhut for 199.99 and the payment of 17.99 each month. I pay my bill on time, $20.00 every month for 10 months and no of my payments have been deducted from my account. I want to how I can get Fingerhut to deduct the payments I made from my bill.

  • Oct 30, 2015

I ordered a computer from fingerhut online after I was sent a brochure in the mail that said order with $400 credit. I thought OK great something to help my credit and a bit more costly but is monthly payment. I ordered the computer, at that time the confirmed process and order screen said item would be shipped soon was back ordered. I figured no big deal wasn't in a hurry so I waited. About a week later I was sent emails it was shipped early, cool right? No. Was not what i ordered but i was still charged for it including shipping fees. So called several times and they said ship it back someone In there warehouse shipped wrong one and they would fully credit me. Of course used money to reship in my own package and to make sure package wouldn't be damaged. Did not pay to actually ship using there prepaid return Label. Took few weeks to get update on return and took days after to get any credit. Got credit less than what they charged and got charged 2 shipping fees. I've had to call them 15-20 times to try to get this straight and this was my first order. LMAO this place is a joke. Try to make a customer pay for fees on a product they messed up on no way! And when I asked why should I do further business with them especially after lie upon lie of credit and they said they would give me a $10 coupon!!! Seriously are you joking... I want my account fully credited and closed and this is seemingly impossible and ongoin... never again will I do business with this company no would I refer it to anyone else.

  • Oct 17, 2015

Fingerhut wouldn't accept my payments online. I call them, and they tell me they can't accept any payments from me because I filed bankruptcy. I need to clear that off my bankruptcy in order to make my account current. Problem is I never filed bankruptcy. Collections department tells me I need to contact customer service, but customer service tells me I need to contact collections. I keep getting re-routed, re-routed, and re-routed. If they won't accept payments from me, I guess that is their loss.. Idiots..

  • Sep 26, 2015

On 9-8-2015 I was charged $59.99 not once but twice and also was charged $25.00.When I should of only been charged $25.00... Because I returned a laptop I didn't want.Well on the 9-8 They charged me a total of $144.98 and I only owed them $67 and some odd cents. I have contacted the company 3 time via live chat online to get lied too. The first rep says it can take up to 12-14 days for refund.. Well when the 12 days were over the second rep told me it will take up to 30 days. When trying to contact for the 3rd time I was disconnected and couldn't get on because of the long wait.. They took the funds right out of my bank account so there's no reason I have to wait 30 days.. They're playing with my money knowing I need it.. Next step is Attorney General complaint.. I will never use Fingerhut again what a joke!!! I used thier credit for merchadise and they retract funds from my bank!!

  • Sep 22, 2015

Have been looking at Fingerhut's dealing for some time now as my account has had so odd things happen to it.

While looking over the internet about Fingerhut---I came across a class action lawsuit, Parm v. Fingerhut that deal with double charging interest fees on product they sell. That lawsuit has been filed in the U.S. District Court for Minnesota.

I was concerned enough to contact the Attorney General of Colorado Consumer Affairs Department and file my own complaint. That office has forwarded my complaint to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency since Bluestem/Fingerhut financing is through Web Bank.

Go online, find Parm v Bluestem/Fingerhut and read it. If you have been involved with Fingerhut and have financed anything through them, think about taking action.

  • Sep 9, 2015

I answered a call from FingerHut on 9/8/15 at around 9:30 am. They where trying to collect payment for the pastdue of 233.00. I told them i could not make that payment today. She offered to pay on another day, which i said "Yes, the 18th!"

The Representative then agreed to set up payment for the 18th and proceded to process that payment. As she went on to confirm the date and payment she paused in the middle, and then said "Im sorry I set it up for today! Can you call your bank to stop paymeny?" I was furious, and said no! I didnt authorize that payment for today, let me speak with the supervisor!

She then put me through to the supervisor, and she said there was nothing they can do! I was so mad and started telling her this is wrong, you made the mistake, and this will put me behind because of your error, and you arent going to do nothing about..which then she hung up!

I called again spoke with Supervisor Eric, and he said all he can do is wait to see if it clears. Then once it process, call him back (which is not possible to get a hold of the same exact person on a 800 number) and then he will see to possibly crediting our account. Which he couldve taken steps that day knowing the error existed.

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