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Country United States
State Ohio
City Strongsville
Address 13325 Darice Parkway, Unit A
Phone 800-344-1840

FilterQueen Reviews

  • Nov 10, 2016

I responded to an ad on on July 14, 2016 for an office administrator, administrative assistant position for a company called Fox Valley Air in Baraboo, WI. I interviewed on July 15 with Gregg Mclean. I felt the interview went well.

We discussed the position. Full time Monday through Friday 9 to 5, weekends off. We negotiated a rate of $13 per hour with bonus that was (at that point) "averaging $3000 per month". We also agreed upon a starting date of August 15.

When I started I was immediately confused that the name of the company had changed to Olimpic Air Solutions and that I was placed in the marketing room for the first 2 weeks. Then I was tasked with cleaning recovered machines from sales that had fallen through. During the first 5 weeks my paycheck came in at $9.00 per hour and when I alerted my manager Gregg Mclean he eneded up paying me cash from his pocket. Also I had submitted my direct deposit the first week of work and it was never completed which caused a complete other litany of problems. This direct deposit issue was corrected for about 2 weeks.

Over the next several weeks many times I was tasked with taking my personal car to drop Every Door Direct Mailings to post offices all over south central Wisconsin. i was also tasked to take my personal vehicle to recover equipment from customers that the sale fell through.

during one 10 day period in October I made 2 trips to the Platteville, Cuba City and Shullsburg Wisconsin area and the Winona and St. Charles Minnesota area.

One Winona/St. Charles Trip was a 15 hour adventure that had me return back to my home at 1:30 in the morning, just to turn around and fun back up to Winona Minnesota that day.

When I received my paycheck for the week with 10 hours of overtime on it, I was advised that they ha decided not to pay me the overtime because tne overtime would have pushed me into a different tax bracket and they did NOT want my check with the overtime to be less than my regular paycheck. i was advised that if there were a break of one week before the overtime was submitted, the push to a higher tax bracket would be mittigated. (A Lie)

When the overtime was submitted and not paid on the next check I became upset and brought it to my managers' attention. He became extremely angry with me and mad a trip to his bank and again paid me the overtime at regular rate in cash out of his pocket.

In the mean time the company had changed payroll companies to ADP and the direct deposit had fallen apart again with NO notice from Olympic Air Solutions and lies that it would take a week for ADP to restart the direct deposit requests. It never did.

Late in October after visits from John Hegenbart (Upland Distributing Eau Claire, WI.) and Justin Dreager (Olympic Air Appleton, WI.), I was advised that I would now start the administative job I was hired to do. The training was minimal and weak at best, as the person tasked with training me wa also having to assume a new job and her time was torn between my trainging and her assuming the new position.

The organization and comunication in the office was chaotic at best. frustration levels were very high. The tirades by Gregg Mclean with very foul language in front of employees, job appliants and trainees was commonplace. The disrespect and evident dissdain for emplyees from John hegenbart and Justin Dreager was palpable.

DO NOT WORK HERE. Unprofessional and you are sure to have issues with your pay and livelyhood.

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