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Country United States
State Alabama


  • Aug 21, 2015

FERENC MISKOLCZI rented a home in Los Angeles, California on a website for vacation rentals from the internet. He provided his credit card number and expiration date but NOT his billing address or the security number in the back. It took about 10-15 e-mails to retrieve his billing information. Prior to arrival he complained NON-stop to the vacation rental website about how he was NOT going to ever sign the credit card bill and how he was so UNHAPPY about providing his billing information and how he was NOT going to provide a copy of his passport that would match his credit card name.

He was let into the home despite his constant complaint because of the contract with the website, upon arrival he was UNHAPPY again, and looked liked he was crying! He presented a credit card that did NOT match the former credit card used to pay for the rental. The credit card would expire the same month. He paid very little deposit because again he was complaining NON-stop to the rental website.

During his stay FERENC MISKOLCZI tried to strike the Gardener who did NOT speak english because he felt that the blower was too loud. He also throw out the gardeners and chase them out of the rental home which cost the owners the Gardening fees any ways and they asked for a new gardener and paid him to come in on a day that FERENC MISKOLCZI was NOT there in a fear that he might try to chase out the new Gardeners.

FERENC MISKOLCZI and his family left the home in a MAJOR mess as if a hurricane had gone through. There was peanut butter smeared all over the kitchen counters, dead fruits eaten half way all over, dirty towels all over the floor, the house was TRASHED. He then BROKE the dish washer and threw in a spoon inside of a garbage disposal which had burnt the motor out.

His security deposit hardly covered the damages. The owners out of being fair asked him to pay for half of the damages that went beyond his security deposit. FERENC MISKOLCZI said to charge his credit card, then he did a CHARGE BACK and refused to pay for his damages and blocked his credit card crying fraud and scam us from the due monies!

FERENC MISKOLCZI from Budapest Hungry is a nightmare tenant, do NOT rent to him, do NOT do business with him, DO NOT deal with him, you have been warned! DO NOT RENT TO FERENC MISKPLCZI UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE RIPPED OFF!

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