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Ferco Motors

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 1740 SW 1st Street
Phone (305) 541-5555

Ferco Motors Reviews

  • Nov 25, 2015

I purchased a 2007 Jaguar XK Convertible from Ferco Motors via As soon as I purchased the vehicle it took almost a month for them to let me get the car. They told me to lie to the loan company and say that the car was fine in order for the "Deal to go through"! Also, when I showed up the glove compartment fell on the floor as soon as I opened it. They promised to mail me another glove compartment as soon as I got back to Alabama.

The A/C wasn't working so they put freon in the car. Also the Bluetooth wasn't working either. I drove all the way back to AL with the car, but by the time I got to Orlando FL the car was leaking on the passenger side floor. When they put the freon in the car they didn't blow out the drain.

When I called them, the salesman insulted me and insinuated that I caught a flight to Miami to ruin the car that I just financed. He screamed that he "gave me the car perfect!!". I was so angry that had we been in person I would have beaten him silly. Then when I finally got home, they called me and said that they would send the tag information to AL for me to get a tag until I "SIGNED MY WARRANTY OVER TO THEM".

They said it was because they had to "PUT MORE MONEY IN THE DEAL TO MAKE IT GET APPROVED WITH THE LENDER"! I was not to be outdone so I said that if he could show me in writing from the lender where he put more money in that I would gladle give him money instead of giving up my warranty on an 80k dollar car. 2 months later after LITERALLY 15 calls to the Lender and Ferco Motors they still haven't released my tag.

Now they claim it is in FL at the DMV in MIAMI!!! I wouldn't advise this company to anyone!!! They purposely withheld key paperwork from the beggining which would indicate thatv this is standard in every deal. They purposely neglect to give people what they need in order to blackmail them for more money!! Eric the GM is a real complete A**HOLE!!!! He has an attitude like the customer owes him!!! He is a liar!!!!!!

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