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Fenton Hyundai & Genesis

Country United States
State Texas
City Mesquite
Address 16230 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy
Phone 469-221-8000

Fenton Hyundai & Genesis Reviews

  • Dec 30, 2016

On October 22, 2016, my wife and I went to Fenton Hyundai to look at purchasing a new vehicle. We were met by salesman name Larry, we told Larry what our situation was as far as finances go and what we wanted in a car. Larry helped us find a car, then it was time to hash out a deal. We spoke with Sam the GM soon after and was able to work out a lease on a 2017 Genesis. It was to be a 3yr lease with them writing our trade vehicle into loan. Trade vehicle still had a loan on it, and we told them so, also we told them payoff for trade car was approx. 29.2 k, and that we had banks number with IVR stating what exact payoff was, because they were probably closed since it was Saturday, and after 8pm when we finally came down to finance.......they said okay and Larry our salesman wrote down number and expected amount. We agreed on a price, terms, and vehicle that my wife and I, and dealership could live with. Finally at about 10pm, we were driving away in new car. On Wednesday Oct. 26, 2016 we received a call from Pierre who finalized our loan that sat. sayin they should have collected 1000 bucks from us and we should come by and pay it, but I flatly refused, told him no such thing was in our contract..he hung up.

The next day Pierre called again, and I told him again that was Not part of our contract...he said he would need to speak with his GM again...he hung up. The day after which was Friday Oct. 28, 2016, I received a cl from a Spencer Davis, who came at me like a Fool on phone...coming at me with that u people crap, threatening us by telling us if we didn't bring them 1000 bucks he would mess up our credit and would not give us our license plates...I went right back with him, until he started getting very disrespectful so I hung up right away. About 30 minutes Sam Bitar the GM called sayin this Spencer guy was out of line and he wanted to apologize, and I told him then, that any lip from him and I would hang up and stop receiving any calls from Fenton Hyundai because that Davis guy had run me Hot...he says that his people was at fault here, and he would have to get them some more Training ( he was prob patronizing here) but I just agreed they needed some help and we hung up. To make a long story short, over a month later our new car was still not financed, they had sold our trade-in without paying it off and without a Title.....we contacted Better Business Bureau, Attorney Generals Office and FTC consumer affairs and lodged a complaint, we also called Hyundai consumer affairs to put in a complaint. Fenton Hyundai flat out Refused to submit contract, and make payoff on trade-in.....seems like they were trying to wreck us here, just like that Spencer Davis guy says.

All the whole time the bank that our trade-in was financed thru was calling constantly asking for their money or their car...we call Fenton Hyundai and say to them.....hey how about ya'll taking ur car back, returning our trade-in, and we go about our way, and u about ur way, but by this time we find out they have sold it without paying it off..we had no trade-in car, and the car we were driving was not really ours ( would not submit contract ) none of the consumer groups were able to get them to act right...the BBB started giving them extensions without my approval to try and save their supposedly good BBB rating ( this was shocking ).

Finally they submitted contract on November 28 2016, but now we are according to Hyundai finance due a payment to them that came due because time for car actually started on Oct. 22nd.....even though contract only went in on Nov 28th, and by now we are also 2 months behind on our trade-in car payments We thankfully were able to work out something with trade-in car Bank, but had to threatening Hyundai with Legal action to hold off with their payment until Fenton Hyundai payed off trade-in, since they are now saying they can't do anything to make Fenton Hyundai act right...Finally I believe attorney general of Texas or someone like that, got to Fenton Hyundai because on Dec. 16th they made a 28k payoff to trade-in Bank, then we all started running down their phones, so then approx 4 days later they made a 1314 dollar payment for remainder, then we immediately made payment to Hyundai finance....BUYER BEWARE

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