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Country United States
State Texas
City Dallas
Address 3530 Travis St
Phone 1 361 277 0493

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  • Jan 30, 2019

After placing an order for a high but not unreasonable priced item, they sent a shipping confirm for a third party company Expres Continental Delivery (note the spelling of that!).

Then several days later I received an email saying the shipment was being held at customs and that I would need to pay more than 2 times the product cost to release the shipment from customs (at a local airport which would be highly unlikely to be the port of entry for this shipment (that should have come though the mail system). I dont beleive the items was ever shipped.

Additional shipping fees were never disclosed and the inital payment was not reversable.

Email received partially redacted is below:

This is the express continental shipping Services at the ***** International Airport (USA) at the Customs head office and we want to let you know that they have checked and every thing is good with the parcel and the document your senders provided with your parcel ,But the **** International Airport customs need the following very important document from you such as a Customs Clearance fee and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Certificate

List Of Document Needed Urgently:

-Customs Clarence fee cost...$250

-DEA Certificate Cost.....$350

Please failure to provide the above fee know that the your package will be destroy by the customs Services at the **** International Airport customs and your package will be place under contraband goods and you will be call up questioning by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) , and you know what that means, so Please act wisely .

Here is our Money Gram And Western Union payment information Down Below:

First Name........GONCHARENKO

Last Name........OLENA


Postal Code....03112



Send us sender name and MTCN after payment

We wish to read from you so that we can proceed with your delivery,sir \ madam as soon as this payment is done we will proceed with your delivery today and you will get your parcel by the end of today or tomorrow if you pay now .

Best Regards.

Alexandra Dmitri


Lvivska St 51, Kiev 03115, Ukraine

Tel. +380 931242056 +38 044 832 27 72

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  • Feb 1, 2020

Fentalab shipped my product quickly and easily.

Fentalab shipped me a nice load of 500 mcg fent lolipops for cheap and easy but the weird part is they had me join a discord server and run for office otherwise they wouldn't ship me the product. However after explaining to them my obscure political views on pakistani white nationalism and meat drying techniques they finally shipped me some.

The only way to contact their admins though was weird, had to join a discord server.

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