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Fence Consulting Services

Country United States
State Colorado
City Westminster
Address 3621 W. 73rd Avenue
Phone (303) 427-7400

Fence Consulting Services Reviews

  • Jul 24, 2018 This was reported by local news station. I have had dealings with this individual and he is a con artist. He only reacts when he is shamed. RCS Fencing has no listing with the Better Business Bureau and few reviews online. Underwood doesn't have much hope she'’ll hear from him again. She's worked several hours of overtime trying to rebuild her savings. "I just want other people to know not to hire this guy," Underwood said. "He could possibly take your money too." At this point, Underwood's only answer is to file a lawsuit against Shinn to get her money back. There were some warning signs with this company -- not having many reviews or a Better Business Bureau listing doesn't give consumers much to go on. If a company wants money up front for materials, ask if you can go with the contractor and pay for the materials yourself. Use a credit card, which can give you more protection -- and at least you'll have the materials if something goes wrong. Sometimes a contractor will want to get the materials themselves because they make more profit from charging you for materials. You could offer to pay a slightly higher price for the service, but still purchase the materials on your own.

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