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Fein, Such, Kahn, & Shepard, P.C.

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Parsippany
Address 7 Century Drive, Suite 201
Phone 973-538-4700

Fein, Such, Kahn, & Shepard, P.C. Reviews

  • Mar 22, 2017

I had to have emergency surgery 3 years ago and I did not have healthcare because my hours at work were cut back and they did not offer healthcare for part time employees. If they did it would cost me my entire paycheck being they only contributed a certain percentage. I did not qualify for medicaid because I made too much money!!! I even tried obamacare and they wanted three quarters of my paycheck. I am a single mom with a child and having a roof over our heads food on the table and clothes on our backs were my main priorities. I started receiving letters demanding payment from these people and I responded by telling them of my situation. They apparently did not like what they were told and proceeded to file a claim in court. I called the courthouse explaining my situation and they gave me their number to call to try and work a payment plan out. I called 973 538-4700 spoke with a rude, unprofessional woman that kept talking over me telling me she will have to discuss this with her boss and she will get back to me with an answer in 7 days???? She said she doesn't leave messages so I would need to answer my phone??? I told her I can pay her $25.00 a month she said they are asking for $50.00?? Well, noone ever returned my call and now I received a 4 page letter with a threat that if I did not respond in 14 days that I will be held in contempt of the court!! The only thing they didnt ask for was my shoe size and height!! I am not about to divulge my entire life and especially my bank account information to these people. I feel did my best to make good of this bill of 3 years ago. If someone can guide me in the right direction and help stop me from being "bullied " I would truly appreciate it! : )

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