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Feetpeace International

Country United States
State Pennsylvania
City Sugarloaf
Address 56 Welsh Rd
Phone (570) 579-3936

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  • Jul 27, 2017

Jimmy Saroka claims Feetpeace International is a charitable, non-profit, philanthropic organzation and solicts monetary donations and material contributions to sustain the organization's charitable giving and pro-bono services it provides to the less fortunate and under resourced.

He claims to be a philanthropist who's goal is to spread to positivity.

Fully capable of full-time employment, this intentionally unemployed 22 year-old also claims to be a life coach, yet will not produce educational or training credentials to prove he is qualified.

He is a philantropist who uses other people's money to fund his alledged philanthropy.

Jimmy Saroka, Feetpeace International is NOT a charitable non-profit, philanthropic organization.

It is not a registerered entity with the United States Internal Revenue Service.

He utilizes various social media platforms to fundraise and solict sympathy for his alleged and unseen charitable work.

Jimmy Saroka, Feetpeace International preys upon underaged teenage girls, and women aged 21 and under for financial support and contributions, using very basic psychologic tactics to manipulate people into believing he does have a nonprofit organization and does provides pro-bono services to the "less fortunate."

Jimmy Saroka, Feetpeace International has not, does not, and by his own statement of fact, refuses to provide services to and/or give to the less forturnate, under resourced or fully compliant non-profilt charitable organizations.

The money he receives into his PayPal account, Patreon Account, his personal bank account, goes directly into his pocket (by his own admission), and states he is free to use the money donated toward alledged charitable services, as he pleases.

He states he is not required, nor is he obliged to provide an accounting of any money he receives using the nonprofit, charitable giving organization, Feetpeace.

The money he receives is used to pay his monthly bills, and to support his habit of living on the road while traveling to and fro to meet Tinder dates, and to "hang out" with only the "devoted" followers of his snapchat and live-streamed broadacasts.

He also solicts overnight accomodations and housing assistance from those whom he comes in contact with personally, so he will have access to sleeping and shower facilities and to be given a free meal.

Jimmy Saroka, Feetpeace International uses a terrrible early childhood experience to manipulate the emotion and sympathies of donors and potential donors as his primary mode of soliticing financial contributions.

Using social media to "market" his non profit organization and his desperate need for 'funding', Jimmy Saroka, Feetpeace international exhibits a dark triad of traits: psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and narcissism in a cult-like way that this similar to the initial beginnings of many notarious cult leaders.

Please warned his organization is a scam and his need for money to be given to him stem only from his belief that he should not have to work to earn his way in the world when other people will pay his way.

Jimmy Saroka, Feetpeace International is a scam charity. Please donate your money to fully verified and crediable organizations within your own neighborhood, and to this phony, dangerous con man.

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  • Jan 22, 2020

Scam using feetpeace as a name ..Scams on periscope youtube tick tok reddit twitter snap chat wherever he xan he is bery mentally unstable and mostly a lying scammer.

  • Jan 22, 2020

Saroka is a danger

Jumbo Saroka is an abusive POS. I've watched him for 4 years and he is an ongoing trainwreck who has now become a danger to society.. Lives are being ruined and lives will be lost if he is not dealt with.

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