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Feedback Company

Country Netherlands
City Utrecht
Address Jaarbeursplein 6 3521AL
Phone 31 8 5273 6320

Feedback Company Reviews

  • Jun 19, 2019

As a client , we have agree to take service from #feedbackcompany ( established in Holland ) on March 2019 . We done all that they request to publish feedback questions to our clients to control our quality . The #feedbackcompany didn t make a nice work and only they send 20 invitations to our clients between hundreds.

We ask to the company many times for information but they reply mails very late .Immediatly we requested to cancel our membership and erase our data . Even we request (written and on phone ) many times to cansel our membership ; the company keeps sending us new invoices for the service we never get. We didn't take any service from this system .

No one see , No one made a comment . And about a mount they are climing for the 117€ payment for nothing , and the way that they clim the payment is treaty . ( Unless you make payment , we will give you invoice to Omnicas collection agency in Breda ) Even we have no idea who are they and we send many mails to learn about it .

After that much mail someone replied finnaly . Today we told them to make payment then we will complain , we take our answer after our calls to Feedback Company . Today we made their payment and send them email and take the confirmation . We are surprised for such a way to take money from their clients for useless service .

Be careful while you are trying to get ideas for your quality from your clients if you don t want to throw your money to the rubish bin as we are . We have all mails , payment prof and all the rest details . We can share all details if nessasary.


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