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Federico Garcia

Country United States
State Florida
City Aventura
Address 2950 NE 188 St. Apt 108
Phone 786-556-5768

Federico Garcia Reviews

  • Apr 20, 2016

Federico Garcia is a guy who lives in Aventura, Florida scamming a lot of people.

He asked me to sell two new Rolex watches from me. I gave it to him, he promised to sell them and give me the money.

started to give me excuses and excuses everyday. Long story short, he sold the watches and never pay me usd40,000

When I started to investigate who is Federico Garcia, I found that he is a big fat liar who scam people everyday with his paper company Bluecolor USA Corp. Now I know a lot of people who have been scammed by Federico Garcia.

He has stolen a lot of money from many people.

Please don't do business with this guy, or his stupid paper company he will scam you sooner or later.

He lives with high standards thank to me and thanks to every person he scammed.

So be careful with this scammer

  • Apr 7, 2016

Dont do any business with Federico Garcia Salazar or his paper company named Bluecolor usa corp. He is a big scammer. He scam with watches, Jewelry and electronics. Usually he will ask you to sell your goods and then will pay you after. He will never pay you back. Will create a lot of excuses and then will never answer the phone. He has no company location is just his apt, he will make you believe that he has many people working for him, thats a lie. He just sends emails impersonating someone else. Here a list of people scammed by this person with amounts. Edouard Perret - USD250,000.00 (WATCHES) Lukas Jaramillo - USD16,000.00 Jerry Carciente - USD40,000.00 (WATCHES) Diana Mejia - USD350,000.00 (ELECTRONICS) Adriana Alzate - USD300,000.00 (WATCHES) Jewelry - USD250,000.00 (DIAMOND) This is a small list that it will be updated once I find out other people like me that it was scammed.Please dont do any type of business with this scamm

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